Article: Top 10 Supernatural Anime With Ghosts & Spirits

Supernatural Anime With Ghosts & Spirits are called Yokai/Youkai. It is a different and whole category of Japanese supernatural entities like spirits or ghosts, demons, deities, etc. Yokai-themed manga and anime are all about spiritual beings and the people interacting with them. We specifically look for stories about ghosts, spirits, and other creatures that lurk in the shadows, which make the moments horror as well as enjoyable. Now, this type of audience already has attractive thoughts about this genre. Horror stories, comedies, slice-of-life, and sometimes romance filled in these anime is well-fitted for the anime fans watch. Capture your heart-pounding, nail-biting, and enjoy-free moments with the listed animes.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

In the developing brutal war between flesh-eating Ghouls that coexist with humans in Tokyo and the government operatives who track them, Ken Kaneki, a bookish student, gets involved in this. While attempting to leave his isolation, Ken barely makes it through a dangerous incident with his date Rize Kamishiro. After his surgery, Ken begins his journey as a half-ghoul, and Rize reveals herself as a ghoul. Like the night changes Ken's life, the mystery of how and what happens later changes when you watch this Japanese dark fantasy manga series.


2. Mob Psycho 100

Mob is a young man with psychic abilities who tries to balance his involvement in school and his work. He realizes that his psychic abilities get connected in some way to his emotions. However, when competing gangs of ghosts, psychics, and con artists attempt to mislead him, Mob's emotions become gradually unstable, and he struggles to maintain a general existence when surrounded by them. Some evil spirits or creatures from the anime: are Psycho Helmet, Dimple, and Boss.


3. Death Parade

Quindecim is a mysterious bar where two dead souls arrive on two elevators. Decim is the only bartender who makes the two pairs play games and judge their way to heaven or hell until a girl questions the bartender's judgments. This anime address concepts and deals with stories of creative interpretation of the afterlife that are emotionally and psychologically attached to the situations of life & death and void & reincarnation.


4. Another

After taking a break, the new transfer student from class 3-3 is back, whose attention drew towards Mei Misaki, a quiet girl with an eyepatch also because he saw Misaki in the hospital. Even when none of his classmates acknowledge her existence, Kouichi befriends Mei, but soon after, the plot revolves around a string of strange, horrific fatalities and the student. There are several supernatural themes in this horror anime and unpredictable upcoming mysteries.

5. Princess Mononoke

A mysterious man known as the Medicine Seller, who possesses the ability to defeat evil spirits known as Mononoke (a ghost-spirit of a dead person seeking revenge for a cruel and unfair death in the afterlife) through encounters and combats, wanders along feudal Japan. Mononoke terrorizes and lingers in the human world, leaving a path of fear in their wake. The anime is a stunning execution through different chapters and their episodes.


6. Ghost Hound

Though no human is supposed to be able to do so, three boys named Tar, Makoto, and Masayuki, who experienced painful childhood events, have learned to observe & investigate. They are offered entrance to their souls to a parallel dimension/ spirit realm called the Unseen World. They are upon investigating the reason and truth behind their trauma. The anime explores Supernatural fiction, dark themes, horror, and psychology.


7. Hotarubi No Mori E / To The Forest Of Firefly Lights

Though the spirit here is not so hurtful, the emotions head some sad moments. A soul that appears as a young guy with a mask rescues Hotaru, a young girl who becomes lost in a jungle. The duo becomes friends despite Gin (spirit) claiming he will disappear if a human touches him. Hotaru gets her back to the same place, remaining delighted because of her kind nature even after learning of a curse put upon Gin, the spirit, and receiving warnings about the ghosts and supernatural creatures who live in this woodland.


8. Natsume’s Book Of Friends / Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume Takashi is an orphan who has inherited the ability to see spirits that he received from his grandmother Reiko. He learns the reason behind the ghosts surrounding him after finding a mysterious book that belonged to his late grandmother, Reiko. Then he chooses to return the names from Reiko's Book of Friends and release various spirits that come to him for help. The story revolves around the unusual situations, the book, and the ghosts around Natsume.


9. Ghost Stories

Satsuki Miyanoshita and her family have moved to her late mother's hometown, which happens to be at a dangerous stage haunted by ghosts and demons. The plot revolves around Satsuki Miyanoshita and other school children encountering ghosts in their haunted school building and their town. With the assistance of a demon trapped within a cat, they all try to expel them using a book with details regarding the methods to exorcise the ghosts.


10. Death Note

Death Note is one of the most successful and popular psychological thriller crime series. Light Yagami is a regular high school student who finds a book- Death Note. He starts eliminating the evils from society when he finds out that the notebook offers any person's death if he writes his name. But later, he turns to kill anyone who opposes him. On another side, Ryuk is an invisible spirit and the book's former owner. Later, by taking back the hold of his book, he changes the game.