Article: Top 10 Rising K-Drama Actors And Their MBTI Types

MBTI types are the psychological profiling of individuals according to their personalities, for a better understanding of their problem-solving capabilities, their interpersonal relationships, their outlook of life, their knowledge in an official setting, and how one can maximize their chances of achieving success in their lives. Therefore, recently these tests have been going viral, and many fans of the Hallyu culture are interested in knowing their favourite actor’s personality type and more. Here are some of the very famous actors and their MBTI types, that have been making rounds on the internet.

1. Jung Ryeo-Won–INFP

If the name doesn’t ring a bell for you, let me tell you more about the actress and singer, who debuted as a singer for the girl group Chakra and then transitioned into acting. She even faced a setback but came back again with the release of a black comedy film named Gate. She is known to be of the INFP type, who are creative in their fields and believe in expression through language.


2. Yoon Shi-Yoon–ENFJ

Yoon Shi-yoon, our favourite idol from the drama Hit the Top; was recently seen in the drama, Psychopath Diary, and Train and has been a part of several shows for a long time. He is known to be of the MBTI type, ENFJ, who are people-oriented and extraverted.


3. Hyeri-ESFJ

The actress, recently seen in My Roommate is a Gumiho, is known to be an ESFJ. ESFJs are known to be people-oriented and considerate of others, which was quite naturally evident during the shooting of a drama when bonding with a previous co-star from the hit drama, Reply 1988.


4. Lee Joon-Gi–INFP

Our “Flower of Evil” actor, Lee Joon Gi, has shown us his personality type characteristics through his artistic and creative portrayal of characters, and especially difficult psychopath-like roles and accurate depiction in the drama Flower of evil. He was also seen opposite IU in the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.


5. Kwak Dong Yeon-ENTJ

The rising star from the show, Vincenzo, had recently mentioned on social media that he is of the ENTJ type, which is rare for Korean celebrities. The actor has never hesitated from taking up challenging roles. ENTJs are known to be natural leaders and thus his personality makes even more sense.


6. Gang Dong-Won-INTJ

Gang Dong-Won is a famous actor who has movies lined up for the near future and was last seen in the Korean film Peninsula. Most of his movies have been rated very high on social media. The INTJ type are not really in touch with their emotional side but make very efficient decisions.


7. Jung So-Min-INFJ

The cute and bubbly Jung So-min was recently seen in the drama Monthly Magazine Home. Many hit dramas like The Smile has left your eyes, Because this is My First Life and The Sound Of Your Heart have also featured her. She is an INFJ type according to a release on social media, which means she has an introverted personality.


8. Sungjae-ENTP

Sungjae, last seen in famous dramas like Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Who are You: School 2015, and the recent show before his military enlistment, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, is an ENTP type who requires artistic freedom and creativity to stay motivated. He is going to be discharged from the military in November 2021.


9. Yoo Seung-Ho–ISFP

The actor last seen in the K-Drama, The Memorist, recently revealed his MBTI type in a video released by his entertainment company, J Company (South Korean) on YouTube. Being adventurous is a significant trait of this type. They are the kinds of people to dislike monotonous activities and life.


10. Ra Mi Ran-ENTP

The Korean actress Ra Mi Ran is rumoured to be of the ENTP type. She was seen in famous works like Reply 1988, The Dude in Me (Korean Movie), and others.  Extraverted, innovative thinking and great mental agility are some of the traits of this type. She is the type to require a creative forum so as to express her excitement well.