Article: Top 10 Disbanded Or Inactive Groups Fans Want To See Make A Comeback

K-pop is no doubt one of the biggest entertainment industries. Throughout the years, the Hallyu wave has aided K-pop in growing and becoming more and more famous globally. K-pop is known for having some of the most talented artists in the world, who are not only good singers and dancers but phenomenal performers. Naturally, hundreds of hopeful individuals dedicate their lives to being a part of the glamourous world of K-pop. But not everyone can be the best debut as a group or soloist. In an industry where so many groups and solo artists debut and have regular comebacks, making a mark and becoming recognized is not easy. And if one becomes famous, being consistently popular and keeping that fame is also fickle. In an industry where few K-pop groups debut every year, few K-pop groups become inactive or worse disband. Fans have gotten hurt and disappointed at the shocking news of their favorite idols not making new music or disbanding. It is super saddening not being able to see your favorites have a comeback and perform again, and this is the case with the fans of some inactive and disbanded groups. Here are ten disbanded or inactive groups that fans want to see a comeback from again.

1. Wanna One

Fans know what to expect when it comes to groups that are formed by survival shows. Fans know that the group will disband, but there is always hope. Wanna One was one of the most popular boy groups that debuted through the second season of the show Produce 101. The eleven-member boy group was an instant hit and well-loved by fans. The group released mega-hits like Energetic, Burn It Up, and Boomerang and was one of the most popular boy groups. Fans were left heartbroken when the group disbanded in 2019. The members came together to perform at MAMA 2022, and fans wished nothing more than to see them make a comeback again.

2. GFriend

It was a shock to all K-pop fans when the popular girl group Gfriend, who made a comeback just months ago, suddenly announced their disbandment. Fans were stunned because no one expected them to disband seemingly out of nowhere. The members soon made their debuts as soloists and three of them formed a new group called Viviz, but fans miss Gfriend as a group. Their popular songs include Rough, Me Gustas Tu, Navillera, and their last comeback song, Mago. Fans express how sad the news was to them and wish to see the six members make a comeback again.

3. B.A.P

B.A.P is an iconic boy group from the second generation of K-pop. The group was famous for its unique sound with hip-hop and rap-based music. Their songs were massive hits worldwide, and the members, with their hot and tough-looking image, became instant favorites for many fans. They made hits like No Mercy, Skydive, Warrior, Bad Man, and Power. The group eventually disbanded in 2019, but fans want the members to come together and make a classic B.A.P comeback.

4. IOI

Produce X 101 was a hot topic in 2016. The survival show formed the 11-member girl group IOI. The girls were super popular among fans. The group made viral hits like Very Very Very, Downpour, Hold On, and Pick Me. Sadly, the group disbanded in 2017. Fans were hopeful when they announced a comeback in 2019, only for it to get canceled. The members celebrated their anniversary in 2021 with a live, but fans still wish to see a comeback from the iconic girl group.

5. f(x)

f(x) debuted under SM Entertainment in 2015. They became an instant hit right from their debut. The group was famous as a girl group that made experimental pop music and had a unique sound. f(x) has one of the best discographies in K-pop, with music that caught fans pleasantly off guard. f(x) captivated fans with iconic hits like Electric Shock, 4 Walls, Rum Pum Pum Pum, and NU ABO. Though the group never officially announced their disbandment, they have been inactive since 2017, and fans wish to see a comeback again.

6. 2NE1

In K-pop and among fans, 2NE1 will always remain one of the most popular girl groups of all time. The group played a vital role in the international popularity of K-pop. They are known as Queens of K-pop and have a fierce and badass image. They redefined K-pop in many ways, like being the first girl group to have a global tour. They made unique and catchy music with hits like Fire, I Am The Best and Come Back Home. The group disbanded in 2017, saddening fans, but had an iconic performance at Coachella in 2022, and fans have been hoping for a comeback ever since.

7. Big Bang

BigBang was a globally famous boy group that debuted in 2006. The group is a legendary group that inspired and influenced many idols with their music and vibe. Big Bang made music ranging from hip-hop-heavy songs to sad ballads and everything in between. They were the trendsetters of K-pop. Their mega-hits include Loser, Bang Bang Bang, Fantastic Baby and Haru Haru. The group last came back in 2022 with Still Life as 3, after Seungri Left. T.O.P left in 2022 and the group has been inactive since then, but fans wish to see them make music as a group again.


Through Produce 48, IZ*ONE was a girl group formed in 2018 with 12 members. The group gained instant popularity, and the girls were very famous all over the world. IZ*ONE had a strong fanbase, and fans loved their concept and music. The group broke hearts when it disbanded in 2021 when their contract expired. Fans tried hard for a reunion, but the members eventually debuted successfully in groups like Le Sserafim and IVE and as soloists. The members are thriving as idols, but fans wish to see them have a comeback as IZ*ONE at least once again.

9. Nu’est

Nu'est was a boy group with incredible talent and charm. The group consisted of Baekho, Ren, Aron, Minhyun, and JR, known for their vocals, rap, and captivating looks. Not only did the group have incredible talent, but they also were funny and chaotic. They had one of the best debuts with their song Face and made hits afterward. The group made hits like Bet Bet, I'm In Trouble, and Deja Vu. The group stunned fans when they disbanded on their album release day. Though the members have solo careers, fans hope to see their comeback as a group again.

10. CLC

CLC was a popular girl group that debuted in 2015 with five members and added two more later. The members were very talented, and fans loved their discography. CLC had a fun and youthful but elegant and captivating aura. Their albums showcased the members' talents and had a variety of music. Some of their most popular music include Black Dress, Hobgoblin, Me and Devil. Fans were heartbroken when the members went their ways, and CLC became inactive or maybe disbanded. No official disbandment happened, and fans wish to see CLC active again.