Article: 10 K-Pop Idols With Unexpected MBTI

With seemingly endless talent, K-pop is undoubtedly very famous. K-pop idols are incredibly talented artists and are some of the most loved artists globally. These idols are known for being multi-talented artists with mesmerizing vocals, dancing, and captivating visuals. K-pop fans are lucky because apart from music releases and concerts, K-pop artists release various content on their media platforms for their fans. Behind-the-scenes videos, Live Broadcasts, Interviews, Reality shows, and Travel content are regularly released by artists and their companies on platforms like YouTube. K-pop artists are also famously known for going live with members or alone to communicate with fans for hours. The content that fans receive from their favorite idols helps them understand who the idols are as people. Some idols are famous for being loud and funny, some for being shy and calm, and some for being witty and sarcastic. In recent years, personality types have been a constant topic of discussion. MBTI has been a hot topic, and many idols made content to find out their MBTI or have shared their results with fans. Since fans usually know a lot about their favorite idols, they could guess the results, but some idols surprised fans with their MBTI. Here are ten idols with unexpected MBTI results that came as a surprise.

1. D.O- ENTJ

If there is a K-pop idol who gave his fans a big shock with his MBTI, it's D.O. from EXO. The main vocalist of one of the biggest K-pop groups is known for being one of the calmer members who is very savage. He created an uproar in the fandom when he revealed his MBTI as ENTJ. Fans were shocked because they expected the idol to get an I(introverted) based MBTI. Fans are still surprised, but after trying to understand, it made sense because Kyungsoo is a planner, an actor constantly working on new projects and socializing often. Fans also have pointed out how he opens up with friends and actors after a while and becomes talkative and extroverted.

2. Heechul- INFP

Any avid K-pop fan who might know Kim Heechul from Super Junior will assume that he is an Extrovert. But his MBTI came as a surprise to fans as it turned out to be INFP. Fans were surprised that his MBTI declared him an introvert because other than being an idol, Heechul often hosts events and programs where he invites people regularly. He is also a permanent member of the show Knowing Bros, known for having some of the best comedians in Korea as its members. Heechul is also known as a social butterfly of the industry. But his MBTI did make sense to some with his caring and creative personality.

3. Baekhyun- ISFP

Baekhyun from EXO is one of the most talented, funny, and genius idols. He is known for his phenomenal talent as a vocalist. Baekhyun is the loud, playful, and energetic member of their content. Baekhyun is playful with his members and the mood maker with his jokes and personality. Fans were surprised when his MBTI was ISFP. Fans tried to understand that he is known for being a homebody, so it made sense, but their doubts cleared in 2023 when Baekhyun revealed that his MBTI was ESTJ, as his extroverted nature came out more in the military.

4. J-Hope- INFJ

BTS member J-Hope is known for being a ray of sunshine. He is loud and energetic and is always the hype member of their group. So, fans were surprised when his MBTI turned out to be INFJ because they thought he would be an extrovert. But J-Hope previously said he is sometimes quiet and needs time to recharge off-camera. INFJ types are thoughtful and empathetic people who try to make a harmonious environment and are most likely to form bonds, and that is how J-Hope is. So, it does make sense for him to be an INFJ with his compassionate nature.


DK from Seventeen is one of their main vocalists, with a loud and mesmerizing voice. He is also known as one of the members who is loud, fun, and known to be one of the mood makers of the group. It came as a big surprise to fans when his MBTI was revealed to be INFP because fans expected him to get an Extroverted type. INFP-type people are known to be sensitive and caring, and it makes sense why DK is an INFP once fans notice his caring and soft nature.

6. Mark- INFJ

NCT member Mark is an ace in K-pop. He can sing, dance, and rap to perfection. He is known for being a cheerful but insightful member with his boisterous laugh. Mark is fun, easygoing, and energetic. His MBTI type surprised fans when he revealed it to be INFJ. Mark is often called the most extroverted- introvert because he is outgoing and warm. As the leader of Dream, he is insightful and caring. It is also the personality of INFJ-types as they are thoughtful, passionate, and creative people known to be hard workers who build connections with others, and it defines Mark perfectly.

7. Rosé- ESFP

Blackpink member Rosé is known for her captivating vocals and visuals as the main vocalist of her group. The idol is a marvelous singer who often stuns people with her unique tone and soulful voice. Her ESFP MBTI surprised people because many considered Rose to be more introverted. But Rose, with her nature being considerate of people, polite and friendly, and her creative nature as an artist, suits the ESFP personality type.

8. Kai- INFJ

EXO's Kai is known for his fatal charms as a phenomenal dancer and artist. The idol is one of the best dancers in Korea and is famous for being sexy and captivating on stage. He exudes confidence and captures people's attention. When his MBTI was revealed to be INFJ, people were surprised because they thought the dancer would be an extrovert. But fans pointed out that Kai is quite shy and clumsy but just as charming off-stage. INFJs are creative and passionate people driven by ambition, and so is Kai. He is creative and compassionate and always inspires and helps people.

9. Hoshi- INTJ

Hoshi from Seventeen is one of the most talented dancers and choreographers in K-pop. The idol is also known to be incredibly entertaining and funny. Hoshi is loud and witty and never fails to make his members and fans laugh. So, his INTJ MBTI came as a surprise to fans. But, during Going Seventeen, where a doctor told them more about their personalities, Hoshi's MBTI made much more sense. INTJs are rational, quick-witted, and very creative, and so is Hoshi. He is often known to be responsible and driven. Hoshi is an INTJ, but like he said, he is an E with his fans and members.

10. Jungwoo- INFJ

NCT member Jungwoo is a talented idol known for his bright personality. Jungwoo is often the mood maker of his group and is always making his members and fans smile and laugh. Many thought he was an extrovert, but Jungwoo confirmed his MBTI as INFJ. His MBTI is quite accurate, with Jungwoo being a thoughtful and compassionate member, always considerate of people, especially his members. During their MBTI Chamber episode, Jungwoo and his members discussed his MBTI and agreed that he is indeed creative,  caring, and often daydreaming, a typical INFJ.