Article: Top 10 Thai Stars Involved In Serious Crimes

Given that popularity provides a glamorous life, below is a list of notable Thai celebrities who are not who they appear to be and have committed serious acts. Here are some Thai celebrities that are well-known but also loathed by the public because of the sins they have committed and the reasons for their conduct.

1. Touch Na Takuathung

He was caught at a neighboring condo in 1997. There is a Tha Phra Intersection in a drugs claim. The song was dropped from the opening of Touch Cyclone, the band's fifth studio album, which was released in 1998. Na Takuatung then recorded four more studio albums before continuing her singing career as Luk Thung (Thai country song).


2. Patcharin Judrabounpol

Patcharin Judrabounpol, also known as Namfon, was charged with having a Schedule 1 material in his possession.


3. Yui Rojjana

Yui spent most of her nights in New York partying with her model friends. She wouldn't be able to return to her apartment until the early hours. She maintained the trend in Milan, Paris, and London, where she was picked to model the most prominent designers' current collections. Yui's career and reputation deteriorated as a result of her excessive alcohol consumption. She became hooked to alcohol and drugs and began skipping modeling gigs, which led to her incarceration.


4. Yuyee Alissa Intusmith

Alissa "Yuyee" Intusmith, a retired Thai supermodel, was arrested in 2012 at Suvarnabhumi Airport when police saw a bag of cocaine on her. Yuyee was observed when she appeared questionable, and five milligrams of cocaine, as well as pharmaceutical pills, were found in her handbag.


5. Sek Loso

Seksan "Sek Loso" Sookpimay, a rock musician, will serve 42 months in jail for an incident on New Year's Eve 2017. Seksan, 47, was detained about 6 p.m. on December 31, 2017, on charges of resisting arrest, threatening police with a firearm, and using narcotics.


6. Ratchadech Wongtabut

A male model in Thailand has been detained after allegedly taking an unconscious lady home, bragging about his sexual escapades on social media, and leaving her lifeless body in the foyer of his building. Police accused Ratchadech Wongtabut of illegal detention resulting in death, kidnapping to commit an indecent act, and molestation in a well-publicized case.


7. Dechatorn Hockhacker Bamrungmuang 

He was brought to a nearby police station for "documentation," according to Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, and he is being held because of his musical appearances at rallies. Attorney June Sirikan affirmed the arrests via a tweet.


8. Nur Sajat

According to Harian Metro, citing an anonymous source, Thai immigration police seized Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman. On September 8, 2021, Malaysian police gave information regarding Nur Sajat's presence in Bangkok, Thailand, which led to his arrest. During the immigration raid, the 36-year-old was seized in a luxurious condominium in Bangkok with a male and a Thai lady, according to the Malay-language tabloid's source.


9. Amy Thidawanon

Amy Thidawanon, a retired actress and Miss Teen Thailand 2006 winner, and her hubby Punyawat Hirantecha were detained in September 2017 on accusations of plotting to have crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy pills in their hold for use and trade.


10. Thanapat Thanachakulphisan

He is a Thai actor who ended up killing his sweetheart during a quarrel over a knife. According to sources, Thanapat is still detained. While Thanapat's "arrest" may not appear to be a significant step in the tale, it was previously unclear if Thanapat had been questioned by police or held and charged with something.