Article: Top 10 Korean Movies To Watch On A Chill Weekend For That Major Autumn Vibes 

It is getting cold outside, and in such weather, we all desire to have a cup of coffee to keep ourselves warm on a cozy and relaxing weekend. But the fun gets doubled with an ideal weekend movie plan. Korean cinema has received massive popularity in the past years and people worldwide are exploring and watching everything that Korean cinema has to offer. They are exploring genres from thrillers, Romance, and coming of age to horror and action. Korean Movies are known for their riveting plots, incredible storytelling, aesthetic cinematography, and breath-taking performances. If you want to have an immersive experience of Korean cinema, we have selected a few Korean masterpieces for you to watch this autumn. In this article, we have listed below the top 10 Korean movies you can watch on a chill weekend.

1. Art Museum By The Zoo

If you are looking for a bitter-sweet rom-com with an autumn vibe, then Art Museum by the Zoo is the movie for you. The protagonists in the movie end up sharing an apartment as some misunderstanding occurs between them, they get close and start spending time together. Soon both the protagonists start sharing their thoughts on love and life. The movie has humor and wit, the characters are quirky, and to top it all, there are tender moments that you would love to watch. The movie is perfect to watch on a chilly autumn day.

2. Love Wind Love Songs 

It is a story about a sweet romance between a man and a woman, a young man visits Jeju Island for vacation and meets a local woman who becomes his tour guide. As their journey of togetherness starts, and they start exploring the bounties of Jeju Island, they come closer and eventually fall in love. It is a visually pleasing and heartfelt movie that explores the landscape and scenery of Jeju Island in all its glory. It's a perfect movie with autumn vibes that feel like a warm hug.

3. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring 

This movie is about the spiritual journey of a man who is frustrated and wants to achieve peace from his anger, sins, and desires. His spiritual journey has shown through different seasons. The seasons are stages of his spiritual journey. The cinematography of the movie is appealing. The movie gives off a calming vibe and is perfect for a cozy autumn weekend.

4. Traces Of Love

Traces of Love is a heart-warming movie. The movie tells a story about a man who goes on vacation following the itinerary of his late wife. On his journey, he unexpectedly meets a woman who reminds him of his wife. Soon, they get closer and fall in love. It is a beautiful movie with amazing visuals and cinematography. The movie is atmospheric and will capture your heart.

5. Little Forest 

Little Forest is another cozy and heart-warming movie for a chill weekend. The movie is about a young girl who returns home from Seoul in search of a better and more peaceful life. As she struggles to keep up with the city life, she decides to move back to her scenic countryside hometown. The movie talks about finding your purpose and enjoying little things in life. All the seasons are portrayed beautifully in the movie. The cinematography and the countryside landscapes are a sight for sore eyes. The movie is a must-watch.

6. A Werewolf Boy 

If you are looking for a fantasy movie to watch, then 'A Werewolf Boy' is the perfect movie for you. The movie tells a story about a girl who is sick and is getting treatment in a peaceful country house, where she meets a wild boy. Soon, she learns about the boy's secret of being a werewolf. As their story progresses, they come closer. This complicated story evolves wonderfully throughout the movie. The movie is worth watching.

7. The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale 

The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale is a comedy movie and an ideal watch if you need a good laugh. The movie is entertaining enough to keep you engrossed from the beginning to the end. The movie is about an eccentric family who lives a peaceful life until one day a zombie bites one of the family members and their life takes an abrupt turn. However, the zombie is sweet-looking. This autumn, watch this heartfelt movie and enjoy it.

8. Late Autumn 

Late Autumn is a movie that, no matter how many times you watch, you will come back to watch it repeatedly. This romance movie is charming and heart-warming. The story is about two strangers who, at untoward turns of events, fall in love on their way to Seattle. The movie tells a blooming tale of love with such beauty and passion. It is a romance movie that portrays the ups and downs of every relationship magnificently. The movie is worth watching.

9. The Classic 

The Classic is a real tear-jerker. The movie tells a story about a girl named Ji-hae, who helps her friend write a letter to her crush. The boy was oblivious of the person sending the letter, but he keeps crossing paths with Ji-hae, and later both fall in love with each other. Later, Ji-hae finds out that her love story is the same as her mother's. The movie will leave you emotional and with a lingering feeling. Watch this dramatic masterpiece this autumn and enjoy it.

10. Sunny 

Be ready to go down the memory lane with this brilliant, nostalgic movie. This movie will remind you of your college days. The story is about seven friends and their college life, the ups and downs in their relationship, and all the fun they have on campus. However, due to some misunderstanding, their friendship breaks, but later, they are reunited by a woman of the same friend group. The movie is humorous and entertaining and will keep you engrossed.