Article: Top 10 New Generation Chinese Actors

These past few years have been quite interesting for the Entertainment industry with the rise in popularity of Asian dramas and good-looking actors. There have been many great dramas and movies from China with new actors on board to bless the screens. A new generation of Chinese actors is dominating the screens and increasing their influence. Here we bring you the top ten rising actors from China.

1. Xu Kai

Xu Kai, born in 1995, is a Chinese model and actor. He won the International Model Contest National Finals in 2013 and debuted as a model. He became well-known after his first Tv series 'Sunsong' in 2016, entering into Showbiz. In the past, Xu Kai was in a relationship with internet celebrity Da Jin. Xu Kai starred in the dramas like Wonderland of Love (2023), Snow Eagle Lord, Royal Fest (2022), and Untouchable Lovers (2018).


2. Xing Zhao Lin

Xing Zhao Lin, born in 1997, is a Chinese actor. He became well-known for his role as Yue Qi in the ancient drama Princess Agents (2017) and the male lead in The Eternal Love. His fandom name is Ling Dang which means Small Bell. Zhao Lin starred in dramas like Choice Husband (2023), Accidentally Meow On You (2022), Cute Programmer (2021), The Eternal Love (2021), and You are My Destiny (2020).


3. Yang Yang

Yang Yang, born in 1991, is a Chinese actor who made his debut in the 2010 drama Dream of the Red Chamber. He became in 2015 after starring in the movie The Left Year and the adventure drama series The Lost Tomb. Yang Yang has a selective phobia and rarely talks. You can see Yang Yang in Chinese dramas like Who Rules the World (2022), You are My Glory (2021), The King's Avatar, and My Adorable Husband.


4. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan, or Sean Xia, born in 1991, is a Chinese actor and singer. He is a member of the C-pop band XNINE. In 2015, he was a contestant in the Tv Talent show 'X-Fire.' He is known as one of the most well-known Chinese actors after his role in the drama 'The Untamed' in 2019. Xiao Zhan has cute rabbit teeth, so he got the name- Rabbit Xiao. He loves the cartoon SpongeBob and can imitate the voices of many characters.  Xiao starred in Chinese dramas and movies like Sunshine with Me, The Longest Promise, The Oath of Love, Joy of Life, and Fights Break Sphere.


5. Lin Yi

Lin Yi, born in 1999, is a Chinese actor who starred in the sci-fi movie Hope Island (2017) and officially entered Showbiz. Lin Yi became famous as one of the famous Chinese actors for his role in the romance drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder (2018) and fantasy drama The Blessed Girl (2020).


6. Ding Yuxi

Ding Yuxi, or Ryan Ding, born in 1995, is a Chinese actor. He starred in the fantasy movie My Vampire Senior (2017) and New Smiling Proud Wanderer (2018). Yuxi became well-known for his role as Han Shuo in The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020). He won the award for Best Young Actor of the Year in 2020. Ding Yuxi likes to play with cats in his spare time and also draw and write brushstrokes.


7. Li Xian

Li Xian, born in 1991, is a Chinese actor who became well-known by playing the lead role in the drama Go Go Squid in 2018. He debuted in 2011 in the movie Feng Shui.  Lin Yi's fandom name is Teletubbies. Xian can play guitar, drums, and ukulele. He starred in dramas like Meet Yourself (2023), A Love Never Lost (2022), Sword Dynasty, and Women of Shanghai.


8. Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang, or Wang Hedi, born in 1998, is a Chinese actor. He participated in and won the Tv reality Show Super Idol in 2017. He became well-known in the role of Dao Mingshi in Meteor Garden (2018). Dylan likes to rap and play games. He starred in movies and dramas like Never Give Up (upcoming), Unchained Love (2022), Love Between Fairy and Devil, The Rational Life, and Ever Night Season 2.


9. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo, born in 1997, is a Chinese singer, dancer, actor, and professional motorcycle racer. He is a member of the C-pop group UNIQ. He debuted at UNIQ in 2014. In 2016, he became the host of the Tv show Day Day Up.  Wang Yibo became well-known for his roles in Gank Your Heart, The Untamed, Legenf of Fei, Luoyang, and Being a Hero. Wang Yibo's fandom name is Yamaha. He got awarded as China's Top Dancer Promotion ambassador.


10. Arthur Chen

Arthur Chen, or Chen Feiyu, born in 2000, is a Chinese-American born actor. He officially debuted in 2017 in the movie Secret Fruit. He starred in the ancient drama Ever Night (2018) and the campus movie The Best of Us (2019). Arthur loves to write letters and keep a diary. In 2021, he became a Chinese citizen.