Article: Top 10 Barbies Of The Korean Music Industry

Barbie has been trending all over the world for a while. It doesn't matter which part of the world follows the trend most. The Korean music industry is full of mesmerizing beauties, and most of these beauty queens feel like they don't belong in this world. Their beauty is outstanding. Barbie is famous for her pink vibes and blonde hair, and these queens have been slaying with their blonde hair and extraordinary personality. They give off Barbie vibes and are perfect for the role. They are living dolls of the world. So here are the top 10 Barbies of the music industry who can win hearts with their miraculous personalities and mesmerizing beauty.

1. Jeon Somi

Somi is a Korean American singer and rapper in the K-Pop Industry. With her incredible talent and charm, she has won the hearts of many people. The netizens of Korea consider her the real-life Barbie of Korea. In her recent interviews, she shocked the netizens by meeting Barbie from the movie Margot Robbie who played the role of Barbie. She also showed how big a fan of Barbie she is. She is a Barbie core in her real life too. Her charisma and personality all give off the vibes of Barbie.

2. Rosé (Blackpink)

Park Chaeyoung or Rosé, is a member of Blackpink. She is the golden voice of The Korea Music Industry. With her beauty, she had always totally pulled off any look. Her blonde hair and her outfits always feel like Barbie. She is the inspiration for most of the girls around the world. Her aura and personality are what make her so unique in the group. She is just like a living doll on Earth.

3. Lisa (Blackpink)

Lalisa Manoban or 'Lisa', is the maknae of the popular group Blackpink. We have most of the time noticed her with blonde hair. Although she looks pretty in all the hair colors, blonde hair hits differently on her. With her incredible beauty, she is considered a Barbie by her members. She is not only a rapper but is also considered a dancing queen. She slays in every outfit she wears. Her glamor is outstanding, which caught many eyes around the world. She is both a famous and stunning idol in the K-Pop Industry.

4. Song Yuqi (G-Idle)

G-Idle has caught the attention of many viewers who like K-Pop. Their songs are amazing, but their concepts are unique from other K- Pop groups. Yuqi is one of the members of the girl group G-Idle. She is not only a singer but also a talented actor. Her role in the drama 'Celebrity' the aura is all about Barbie. She is also the lead dancer and lead vocalist of the group. Her personality and beauty give Barbiecore vibes when she has blonde hair. She is a woman who can take a stand for herself and her members, which is one of the qualities of Barbie.

5. Karina (Aespa)

In the line of visuals, Karina is not so far behind when it comes to her beauty. She is a rapper and also the lead dancer of the group. She is an all-rounder in the 4th generation girl group. Her talents are so incredible that the appreciation is not enough. When she has blonde hair, she gives the aura of Barbie from within. She has caught the attention of the netizens not only for her talent but also for her incredible beauty. Her aesthetic also gives major Barbie vibes because it can be said as she is just like Barbie.

6. Sana Minatozaki (Twice)

Who doesn't love her? She is the most famous member of the girl group Twice. She has that major princess vibe that every person loves her. She is both a beautiful and a talented singer. She is perfect for any Barbie role, especially roles related to princesses. Her charm and personality are so similar to Barbie's. She is most of the time an extroverted member of the group. Her features are so adorable that no one can ignore them. She is really like a doll who has come to life.

7. Nancy Jewel McDonie (Momoland)

Although the former girl group Momoland debuted in 2016, Nancy has remained the most popular idol among them. Her beauty and talent caught the attention of everyone. She is a Korean Barbie of the industry. When she has blonde hair, she pulls off any Barbie look. It's like pink is her color. The color suits her beautifully. Her features are so unique from the other idols. Many of her fans consider her a doll who came to life.

8. Huening Bahiyyih (Kep1ler)

Bahiyyih has caught the attention of many viewers through her outstanding talent and beauty. Although being the little sister of Huening Kai, a member of the famous boy group TXT she has made a place for herself in the Korean Music Industry. Her elegant features and blonde hair are so stunning that she is Barbie, as we can see. Her beauty is different from the others. If there will be any Korean Barbie role in the future, she can ace the role of Barbie.

9. Shin Yuna (Itzy)

Yuna is the youngest member of the group 'ITZY' by JYP Entertainment. Her vocals and talents are so incredible, which caught many attention. She has that confidence like Barbie when she performs in front of the camera without her members. She can slay her performance with full of confidence. Her aura always gives us the main protagonist vibes. Her elegant features and her beauty is what makes her different from most.

10. Huh Yunjin (Le Sserafim)

Le Sserafim is the 4th generation girl group that is becoming popular now. Their bold concepts are what makes them unique. Huh, Yunjin is famous for her songs which are so meaningful. She has qualities that are so similar to Barbie. She is the strongest as Barbie. Her blonde hair and her aesthetic give Barbie vibes. Her quality of taking a stand for herself is what we like the most. Her beauty and elegant features are incredible, and cause of this can slay any Barbie movie role with her beautiful blonde hair.