Article: Top 10 Chinese Actresses Who Smoke

Smoking damages the heart and blood circulation, making smokers more likely to develop heart disease or have a heart attack. The following are some Chinese actresses who smoke.

1. Meng Jia 

Meng Jia is also a wonderful older sister, as everyone knows! However, netizens recently captured it escorting the helper to the supermarket to purchase cigarettes. Meng Jia hid in a hidden nook and went happily like a fairy after buying the cigarettes with the attendant’s assistant.


2. Angelababy

Looking at the way and tactics of tobacco is also an old smoker, and she has already publicly apologized to the media and stated that she would make up her mind to quit smoking, but it works.


3. Zheng Shuang 

No one can imagine Zheng Shuang smoking because she has followed a pure path since her debut. Later, she was exposed to smoking by internet users, which made a stir. As the smoking age rises, it appears that the smoking age will be short.


4. Qiaoen Chen 

Actress Qiaoen Chen is also well-known, she has rarely appeared in public, maybe due to work. It's time to mingle! It takes seasoned expertise to pick up a cigarette and smoke it!


5. Zhang Yuqi 

Zhang Yuqi is a famous actress in the entertainment industry, and she is frequently discussed! Many stalks have been passed down by everyone, and they have won fans' hearts with their upright personalities.


6. Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung's smoking in films and television shows is also quite appealing, and her role modelling for the well-known film. But in real life, she is an elderly smoker, an actress who has had a rocky love life, and she is still a single mother who is under a lot of pressure!


7. Ma Yili 

Ma Yili began smoking at a young age, and she has smoked for a long time. When asked if she had time to smoke, Ma Yili responded that she does.


8. Zhao Wei 

Zhao Wei may be accustomed to smoking and frequently hides to smoke at work, but it is also highly addicting!


9. Zhou Xun 

The media also constantly aired an image of Zhou Xun smoking. It appears to be a star with a long smoking history, and that smoking is responsible for most of Zhou Xun's smoking voice!


10. Faye Wong 

Faye Wong smokes as well, although compared to other female celebrities, her smoking age is quite young, and she has only been smoking for a short time. After all, the voice comes first as a queen! However, a poor example has trained the children to be wrong.