Article: 10 Lyrics Of Korean Songs That Makes No Sense

Many people call out K-Pop for its reduced need for English words  and weird lyrics. There have been many instances where K-Pop fans are called out for not even knowing the lyrics of their favorite songs but music is beyond the language boundaries which makes it so much better and therefore here are some songs that have easier lyrics, but might not make sense given that they try to attract the listeners through their hype beats and not the lyrics and keep kit easier to follow and to sing for the idols who might not be that fluent in English.

1. Ring Ding Dong By SHINee 

The song by SHINee has many repeated verses but because the tune is catchy it has been very famous and still is one of the best hits of the band. The lyrics of the song goes like “Ring Ding Dong”, “we wanna go rocka, rocka… (so fantastic) and more like “Good luck not getting it stuck in your head for eternity” but the part that makes no sense is “so elastic fantastic.”


2. Forever Young By Blackpink 

The song by Blackpink which has four members named Lisa, Rose, Jennie and Jisoo have been one of the most popular K-pop bands but some of their song lyrics make no sense, one of the most illogical lyrics were of the song “forever young” where “whatta bum bum whatta bum bum” was just repeated a billion times.


3. Ddu Ddu Du By Blackpink 

Another one of the Blackpink songs, at this rate the old lyricist should be fired or should start putting in more efforts in the lyrics of the song rather than just trying to make it upbeat or covering their flaws with amazing music videos and visuals, the lyrics of Lisa’s Japanese version is “Bitch, I’m a star but Patrick, I’m getting cake, that’s a fat check? This smart mouth being dumb heat, and it gets worse.


4. Wolf By Exo 

The lyrics of the song is literally “that’s right wolf, awhoo. Ah! I love you” repeated multiple times and saying “I’m a wolf, and you’re a beauty”. I get the part where you want to make English verses easier for everybody, but at this point these are random words with no sense of attachment or rhyming scheme for a matter of fact.


5. War Of Hormones By BTS 

BTS is the king of K-Pop no doubt but in the past they might have had some controversial lyrics and War of Hormones is straight up degrading the quality of BTS songs. The lyrics can be offensive to women, like “their clothes revealing, increase my vision, my eyes keep going that way, girl’s stomachs yup, sweat forms,” and keeps going.


6. Nice Body By Hyomin

Another one on the list of songs that degrade women, this song highly glorifies the really difficult beauty standards of South Korean, like “legs are slim, hot waist, I endure all the pains for the beauty and well how men think of sex at least once.” The has lines where he is proud of his style and talks about his “nice body.”


7. Mamacita By Super Junior 

The lyrics to this song outright made no sense to anybody. The song mamacita by Super Junior, a famous boy band has the lyrics that goes like “Just close your lips, shut your tongue.” Well, we’ll try to do that once we figure out how to. Just for more information, it was written by Shindong.



BBQ or At the Barbeque has some of the most random lyrics by MYTEEN  has random of verses of Be My Barbie at the BBQ, can anybody explain the meaning of the lyrics or who has written these lyrics. Next time, we hope for better lyrics.


9. Mission By JYJ

This song is outrageous. There is literally no sense to the song which goes like, “probably your money is unpublic, try to save my life like a puppy and cream, another hot movie character, Bumblebee treat me like a slave,” how is anybody supposed to related or put together the meaning of this song.


10. Boss By NCT

NCT has been delivering hits for a long time, there is an entire NCT Universe with different branches, but we are talking about this particular song by NCT U, named Boss which we have to say is interesting, but one example is Taeyong’s line “Hot dog feel like I wear goose goose.” I mean okay.