Article: 10 Most Disgusting Rumors Of Korean

It is so easy for anti-fans or people in general to start any kind of baseless rumors around, especially when there are many fans who easily what is fed to them. There are many ridiculous rumors around the market that sound illogical to the ear, yet people still believe in them here are some of such rumors which have no solid ground and can possibly never be true and weren’t in the past, and how easily such rumors rose.

1. MAMAMOO Solar Is A North Korean 

Earlier there were so many ongoing jokes that the K-pop star Solar of the band MAMAMOO is a North Korean refugee because of her uncommon name and the absence of pre-debut pictures, many newer fans seriously believed the idol is a North Korean, and she had to reveal her pictures as a chubby teenager.


2. Ghost In An EXO MV 

During the shooting of the song “Growl” by EXO, it is believed that a ghost was caught on camera which turned out to be false when they released zoomed in pictures of the staff who was in charge of lighting, but the rumor just kept growing to the point where the fandom reported listening to ghost.


3. Jimin Was A Girl 

There was a fan theory that said that Jimin was previously a girl and now looks manly because of a “hormonal problem.” This ridiculous started out because people have seen for a fact that Jimin has small hands and is the shortest member in the group. There were theories like he wears loose clothes to hide his curves.


4. Sulli Was Pregnant 

There were so many claims that Sulli was seen at a pregnancy clinic and that she was pregnant with Choiza’s baby. Sulli also had a sudden disappearance in the middle that fuelled the fire and finally the case spiralled out of their control, and they decided to take legal action against the perpetrators of the incident.


5. Jungkook Two Timed Twice’s Nayeon And Dia’s Chaeyeon 

The entire “international playboy” was taken too far when there were rumors about Jungkook from BTS dating two idols at once, and the rumor was so baseless that it is disappointing that this news is a thing. This started back when Chaeyeon had revealed that there were many male idols trying to date her.


6. LOONA Is A Scheme For Money Laundering

LOONA is a K-pop girl group under the entertainment company, Blockberry Creative. There were some netizens that believe that it is kind of suspicious as to how one group can increase the profit and sales of a company in a very short time. It is believed that LOONA doubled their profits in a year.


7. Jimin Rejected Jeongyeon For Seulgi 

Although everybody knows that this is a false news, the amount of people who have believed this rumor is immeasurable. True fans know he might not have dated any of them and even if he did, to spread such baseless rumors is unethical on the part of the die-hard fans or haters of the group.


8. Joy Is A Clone

The rumors sparked up when people starting spotting Joy out during music videos and how he looked different compared to others, like how she was the only one holding a green light in the music video of Red Summer. Another was when she was the only one not being cloned in the MV of Dumb Dumb.


9. Kim Jong Un Is A Fan Of Irene 

This has to be one of the most absurd and funny rumors that have surfaced in a while. In 2018 there was a picture from the Pyongyang where Irene was standing next to Kim Jong Un, whereas the other members were spread out, leading many to believe and spread such illogical rumors.


10. Nayeon Bullies Dahyun 

Has to be one of the dumbest rumors till now but, all the members of the girl group, Twice seem pretty close to each other, they are very different on and off camera and therefore such rumors easily rise up. The sisterhood and the bonding between all the members is so good that the true fans of the group don’t believe such rumors.