Article: 10 Inspiring Struggling Stories Of Korean Stars

Many of the celebrities are living the best life they could once they attained their fame, but it is not always rosy and dreamy. The struggles and the efforts and tears it takes to reach a level is commendable which is why we should appreciate these stars more often and give them our respect because it’s not always easy to deal with the huge criticism or obsessive fan behaviour and still maintain your cool. The hours and the hard work of the stars don’t always measure into success, but here are some of them who made their dream come true

1. IU

IU had been scammed in her trainee days, she was rejected and made multiple auditions to make it into an entertainment company. She didn’t have a great success in the beginning either and has worked really hard to achieve what she has. She had to move in with her grandmother because her family wasn’t financially well off.


2. Suga

Everybody knows about the struggles of Suga, aka Min Yoongi from the widely acclaimed boy band BTS. He has openly talked about how his parents were against his music career, how he worked multiple jobs to afford living to the point where he has had a shoulder injury which was recently treated and that he has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts in the past.


3. Taeyang 

The K-pop idol turned actor had to move out on his own at the mere age of thirteen because his family was struggling financially, and it was becoming difficult for them to feed so many mouths, due to the economic crisis at the time. He auditioned for a company which wasn’t well settled down and had to face many struggles.


4. V

As many people might remember that V doesn’t come from a well off family and that his mother had bough him some really expensive clothes so that he wasn’t bullied as a poor idol and how if was not able to make it big as an idol he would probably be farming right now, well he made it. And he made it big and is now loved by everybody.


5. Sulli

Sulli took a hiatus from the k-pop world after the continuous bullying and trolling online, she has been speaking openly about cyberbullying and how mentally exhausting it is to deal with malicious comments all the time, to the point where she focused more on her acting career than  singing and has talking about her mental struggles.


6. Hwasa

Hwasa has been trolled and talked about a lot for her not so typical look. Although she is a queen has been breaking down all the stereotypes of the Korean entertainment industry, from the body, and weight to her skin color and also she carries herself and her badass attitude, and has been known as scandalous given her clothing choices.


7. Hyuna

Hyuna struggles from Vasovagal syncope which occurs when certain triggers to a person like low weight, stress or emotional distress can lead to faint and so you have to maintain some weight and when she is sensitive she tries to maintain her weight at forty-five to benefit her health. She openly talked about her struggles and frustration.


8. Seo In Guk 

The actor who had initially gained fame as a singer had been open about his family’s struggles with finances and how even the smallest and basic necessities like food were a struggle for the family. His mother had to pick up boxes as an occupation to afford some money for food.


9. Rain

Rain has had quite a tragic childhood, his story is inspirational for many. As a child he has had to endure many hardships, he had to starve for multiple days straight due to the lack of food at home. His mother’s health got worse with time and the condition of the family was so bad they couldn’t afford medication, and sadly she passed away.


10. Dara

Dara is a singer who gained immediate fame in the Philippines as a singer and sold a million copies of her debut album, but her father was in charge of her finances who got addicted to gambling and lost all of her money to it in just a few years, as if this wasn’t bad enough he also left the family to pursue another woman.