Article: 10 Most Romantic Monsoon Songs In Korean

We all have to agree that all of us love music especially during the magical times of rain, and therefore there are many songs made on this magical moment something that touches your heart and makes you transcend the world. It transports you to a heavenly place and there is no comparison to the peace we get at this certain point, so here is a list of songs to appreciate that moment that a musician is able to create, for everybody out there and for us to enjoy it with others, the feelings come out through the words-

1. Epik High- Umbrella 

This song also features Younha, and it wouldn’t be a monsoon playlist without a song named Umbrella. There have been so many versions of this song because of the highly successful release. The song is a dramatic display of a comparison between a lover which is the umbrella to an island in the ocean.


2. When It Rains 

The song by Soyou and Mad clown, their collaborations are something that fans look forward to it. There are a magical and powerful duo, this song was no  exception to that expectation. Soyou’s voice is sweet, which is a contrast to the lyrics of the song. The song talks about a messy relationship and the longing for an ex.


3. Agust D (Suga of BTS)- So Far Away

This song is a feature with Suran, and this talks about the winter rains, the unexpected ones in December. It talks about the passing of the year and how quickly everything went by, and we can definitely relate. Yes. The lyrics of the song are so touching, Agust D talks about falling and the feelings of anxiousness.


4. It’s Cold- Epik High 

This song is a collaboration with Lee Hi, this song has so many hidden metaphors and imagery, making you wonder of eternal winters and the permanent coldness and loneliness that it brings, the song is basically for the broken heart, it is a way of bringing back old memories and the pain, the lyrics can be very relatable for the ones who have felt the pain of separation.


5. On Rainy Day- Highlight 

The rhythmic sentimental song has some lyrics that cut deep into the heart. The song fills you with regret and having to bitterly accept what has happened in life, like the ending of a relationship, when you are helpless and cannot do anything about it. It is like a reminder that once it stops raining, you have to let it go.


6. You, Clouds, Rain- Heize

The song is a very refreshing approach towards honesty and raw emotions. The song is about her being overwhelmed by the memories of the past and her ex, and how on a rainy day she takes a detour and relives all those memories – good or bad. Trying to play it down by saying that it didn’t mean anything.


 7. CNBLUE – Love Follows The Rain 

The infamous band have this ballad song, the song’s theme is pop-rock ballad song was released as their first studio album, ‘First Step’. This song was sung by the second main vocal of the band, who also wrote the song. The song is about love following the rain.


8. BTS RM- Forever Rain 

This is the song from the solo mixtapes released by RM, which was his first solo mixtape. In all his singles, the theme is mostly focussed on his struggles with being himself in the rain and under the moonlight despite having high expectations of whom he wants to be and how he fails short for that.


9. B.A.P – Rain Sound 

The absolute perfect mixture of the song which is a mixture of acoustic and ballad, and is a sentimental and melancholic songs, the song is about someone who recalls his/her memories of their past, lovers during rainfall. Rainfall is the perfect reminder of the lovely days of the past and the sleepless nights make you think of that day.


10. Autumn Rain- Yoo Yeol 

Yoo Yeol is a legendary Korean Singer, and his ballad semi folk pop song was recognized as a megahit, and it is a song about someone who can’t help but think about the lovers from the past and immersed in the memories of an autumn rainy day and the days of heartfelt and newly found love.