Article: Ten Korean Celebrities And Their Hidden Talents


Korean Celebrities are mainly known for their dazzling appearances. They are well-known for their high-quality songs. They can sing, rap, dance, and act altogether. They are multitalented. But did you know they also have other talents that many don’t know? One can calculate as fast as possible or can rotate their wrists 360 degrees. Let’s check which celebrities have what type of hidden talents.

1. Dahyun

Kim Da-Hyun, mainly known by her stage name Dahyun, is a South Korean singer and rapper. She is a member of the South Korean girl group “TWICE.” She can sing, dance, and rap very well, but her talent is not limited to the stage. She can also play drums so well. She even played Drums in TWICE’s ‘One more time’ music video. Did you know she can rotate her body? She is the definition of being flexible. She can touch her head with her heels from the back. Also, she can touch her nose and chin with her tongue. She has a bunch of hidden talents!


2. Somi 

Ennik Somi Douma mainly known by her Korean name Jeon Somi is a Korean and Canadian singer, rapper, and dancer signed under The Black Label. She has excellent Taekwondo skills. She even has a 4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo! Her high kicks are just amazing. She is now Sa Dan which means she is qualified to open her taekwondo school if she wants.


3. Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook, mainly known by his stage name Jungkook is a South Korean singer, dancer, and songwriter. He is the youngest member and the vocalist of the South Korean Boy band BTS. Besides being a talented singer and dancer, he is extremely gifted at drawing, and even his group members sometimes get surprised! If you watch BTS In The soop, you would surely know. Also, the youngest member of BTS has a talent for shooting, directing, and editing. He creates a series of V-logs documenting their travel where he features the rest of the members, known as GCFs or Golden Closet Films. He is really the Golden Maknae of the group!


4. Rose

Roseanne Park, mainly known by her stage name Rose. She is a Korean New Zealand singer and dancer. In Knowing Bros episode 87, she showed her hidden talent by keeping her palm on the table and rotating her wrist 360 degrees without moving. All the cast members of knowing bros got shocked by seeing her unique talent.


5. Yura 

Kim Ah-young, better known by her stage name Yura is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Girl’s Day. Yura has a talent for drawing she has shown it multiple times. Before her debut, she studied Art to become a painter but, realized later that she wanted to become an idol. She usually prefers to sketch and shade her painting with pencil or charcoal.


6. Jin 

Kim Seokjin, mainly known by his stage name Jin is a singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is the oldest member of the South Korean boy band BTS. Apart from being talented as a singer and being handsome, he has a lot of hidden talents. He is one of the most flexible male idols in the k-pop industry. In many shows, he has shown this talent. He just arches his back and walks while doing that. Even in one of the Run BTS, by using the strength of his legs and not using his hand, he stood up from the ground. Also, He is such a great cook and he never shies out from showing the ARMYs.


7. Soobin

Choi Soobin, mainly known by his stage name Soobin is a South Korean singer, dancer, and rapper. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean Boy Band TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER). Did you know Soobin has such a unique talent that very few people can do? During TXT’s debut celebration show, the members shared some TMI (Too much information) that, Soobin can stretch his skin. His cheeks and neck are very stretchy. The members compared his stretchy skin with normal skin. Normal skin stretches up to 3cm, but his stretchy skin stretches up to 6cm!


8. Suyeon 

Ji Su Yeon, better known by her stage name Suyeon is a singer of the South Korean girl group Weki Meki. Her nickname is Human Calculator. Why? Because she can calculate the sum of large numbers mentally within seconds. Unbelievable right? In many shows, she proved that she is a human calculator. Even the person typing the numbers in the calculator lost against her.


9. Sunghoon 

Park Sunghoon is a South Korean singer and dancer of the boy band Enhypen. He is also known as the Ice Prince. He used to be a competitive ice skater. He started figure skating at nine years and was a figure skater for ten years. He even won 2 silver medals in national ice-skating competitions and men’s junior and represented South Korea in many international competitions. He also won the 2015 Asian Open trophy.


10. Jungho 

Choi Jungho is a singer and dancer of the South Korean Boy band ATEEZ. He is really strong. His hidden talent is splitting apples in half. He can break fruits just with his bare hand. And of course, because of his strength, he never loses to anyone in arm wrestling.