Article: Ten Korean Families Featured On ‘The Return Of Superman’

It is rare for fans to see pictures of Korean celebrities with their families. A glimpse of their lives is more than anything viewers wish for. ‘Return of Superman’ is a show that features celebrities from different fields. The father looks after his child/children without the help of the mother. Here are some of the popular families featured on the show.

1. Park Joo Ho With Na Eun, Geon Hoo, And Jin Woo

Park Joo Ho is a professional footballer and is married to Anna, a Swiss. The couple have three kids and all of them appear on the show. The eldest is their daughter Na Eun, who is multilingual. She often helps her father take care of her younger brothers even though she is very young.


2. Sayuri Fujita With Zen

Sayuri is a Seoul-based Japanese singer and songwriter. She comes on the show with her son Zen. Though the show is about fathers, Sayuri was included as a step to accept different kinds of families. She is a single parent who perfectly handles both her baby and her work.


3. Sam Hammington With William And Bentley

Sam is a New Zealander but works in the Korean entertainment industry. He is married to a Korean and hence his sons have both Korean and English names. William and Bentley often accompany their father to shoots and also go on trips with him.


4. Hong Kyung Min With Rawon And Raim

Hong Kyung Min is a popular pop singer who is known for his experimental music. His wife is also a musician. Their daughters Rawon and Raim appear on the program with their father and show viewers how their everyday life looks like.


5. Moon Hee Jun With Heeyul

Moon Hee Jun is a singer and songwriter and his wife Soyul is a singer and former member of a band. The couple recently welcomed their second child but only their first born was on the show. Heeyul is known as JamJam and is popular for her cute acts with her father.


6. Lee Hwi Jae With Seoeon And Seojun

Lee Hwi Jae is an actor and comedian. His wife is a florist. The couple live with their twin sons, Seoeon and Seojun. The boys have met many celebrities during their time in the show and have also appeared on award functions. The twins always keep their dad busy.


7. Song Il Gook With Daehan, Minguk, And Manse

Song Il Gook is an actor. He is married to a high court judge. The couple are the parents of triplets Daehan, Minguk and Manse. The collective meaning of the kids’ name is ‘Long Live The Republic of Korea.’ The triplets also made a recent appearance on the show after five years.


8. Ki Tae Yong With Rohee And Lorin

Ki Tae Young is an actor. He is married to idol turned actress Eugene. In the beginning, the show only featured Ki Tae Young and his elder daughter, Rohee. After the birth of Lorin, both the daughters featured in few episodes. The girls hangout with their father and the firstborn even goes to school.


9. Lee Dong Gook With Jaesi, Jaeah, Seolah, Suah, And Sian

Lee Dong Gook is a footballer and his wife is a runner up of the Miss Korea pageant. The couple have two sets of girl twins, and a son. Jaesi and Jaeah are the eldest and the first pair of twins, while Seolah and Suah are their younger sisters. Sian is the youngest child of the family.

10. Park Hyun Bin With Hajun And Hayeon

Park Hyun Bin is a popular trot singer. His wife is a Korean traditional dancer. The couple have two kids, a son and a daughter. Hyun Bin belongs to a family of singers. His parents and cousins all live in the same apartment building and often drop by to help him with the kids.