Article: Ten Korean Dramas With The Word ‘Love’ In The Title

Love Is In The Air In K-Dramas. Recently There Have Been Many Shows Without Love Stories But This Was Not The Case Before. Even Today Thrillers Give Fans The Best Couples. Let Us Check Out Some Shows Where ‘Love’ Is Not Just In The Drama But Also In The Title.

1. My Holo Love

A Woman Leads A Lonely Life As She Can’t Recognise Faces. She Uses An Artificial Intelligence Program Known As ‘Holo.’ The ‘Holo’ Has The Face Of Its Developer. The Developer Starts Liking Her But His Personality Is Different From The Holo.


2. Love In The Moonlight

A Crown Prince Does Not Want To Rule His Kingdom And There Are Many People Planning To Kill Him. A Eunuch Who Works For Him Has A Sweet Personality And The Crown Prince Starts Falling In Love. But The Eunuch Is Actually A Woman Who Is Faking Her Appearance.


3. Love With Flaws

A Woman Does Not Believe Good Looking Men Because Of Her Handsome Brothers. She Never Wants To Fall In Love With Someone Like That. But One Day She Meets A Man Who Does Not Have A Good Impression About Her. The Rest Of The Story Is How They Find Love.


4. Forecasting Love And Weather

The Drama Is About The Forecasters Who Work At A National Weather Service Agency. A Forecaster’s Office Romance Comes To An End After Her Boyfriend Cheats On Her. At The Same Time There Is A Young Employee Who Enters The Office. The Drama Is About How They Start Falling For Each Other.


5. Love Alarm

Love Alarm Is A Fantasy High School Drama Where The Three Leads Are Stuck In A Love Triangle. The Students Of A High School Ae Excited When An App Called Love Alarm Is Created. The App Sends A Notification If Someone Within A 10 Meter Radius Has Feelings Towards The User, But Things Soon Get Complicated.


6. My Love From The Star

The Drama Is About An Alien Looking For His First Love And A Star Who Accidentally Meets Him. Through Their Journey They Find Love And Have To Reveal Deep Secrets. While They Try To Be Happy In Life, There Are Many People Who Are Trying To Ruin It.


7. Love In Contract

A Woman Pretends To Be The Wife Of Different Men As A Part Of Her Job. She Has A Contract With A Suspicious Man And A Korean Star For The Alternative Days Of A Week. Her Job Gets Difficult When Both The Men Start Liking Her For Real.


8. My First First Love

The Drama Is A Refreshing Story About Youth. A Young Man From A Wealthy Family Welcomes His Different Friends Who Have Run Away From Home. Things Start Changing As They Live In The Same House And Relationships Get Complicated. A Student Who Doesn’t Live With Them Also Affects Their Lives.


9. When My Love Blooms

The Story Is About Two Lovers Who Meet After Twenty Years. Their Lives Have Changed Drastically. They Have Children And Their Financial Status Has Changed Over The Years. When They Meet In The Present They Have To Come To A Decision That Will Affect Everyone’s Lives.


10. Love Rain

Two Lovers Who Are Now Married To Different People Meet After Thirty Years And Plan To Restart Their Old Love Story. On The Other Side Their Son And Daughter Also Love Each Other (Played By The Same Actors). When The Older Couple Announces Marriage The Young Lovers Become Step Siblings.