Article: Top 10 Adorable Pets Of Japanese Celebrities

In this article, we described adorable pets like cats and dogs of Japanese celebrities. This article also describes the name of the pet, their celebrity owner and a small description about the celebrity like their date of birth, their profession, their work as a celebrity, and the movies they have done for which they gained popularity.

1. Kurumi

This is the adorable pet dog of the celebrity Saki Shimizu, named as Kurumi. Saki Shimizu is a J-Pop singer and a former captain of the girl group known as Berryz Kobo. She was born on 22 November 1991. She passed the audition for Hello! Project kids. In March 2021, she announced that she had married and that she would retire in November.


2. Miso

This is adorable pet cat of the Voice Actor ‘Hooman' daddy, Natsuki Hanae, named as Miso. It is a female ginger American shorthair cat. He started his voice acting career in the year 2011. He gave voice performances in the films A Whiskey away, Goodbye, Don Glees!, Words bubble up like Soda pop.


3. Konpei

This is the adorable pet cat that also belongs to the Voice Actor, Natsuki Hanae named Konpei. It is a male ginger Munchkin. Natsuki Hanae is a Voice Actor, YouTuber and singer born on 26 June 1991. He is active from the years 2011 to the present. He won the 42nd A nime Grand Prix award for the most popular voice actor of the year 2020.


4. Chiffon And Lupin

These are the adorable pet dogs of the Voice Actress Yui Ogura named Chiffon and Lupin. These dogs even starred in the online talk show for purchasers held during the launch event of the latest photo book “Yui-Can!” released on Christmas. Yui Ogura was born on 15 August 1995. She gave her Voice performances for animated films like Kimi wa kanata, KanColle: The movie, Precure superstars!


5. Jam

It is the adorable pet dog of Ikuta Toma named JAM. It is a female dog. Ikuta Toma is a Japanese Actor born on 7 October 1984. He is known for his roles in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Honey and Clover, and Sensei!. Furthermore, he featured in films like Hanamizuki, and Ningen Shikkaku.


6. Dice

It is the adorable pet dog of the Actor Tatsuya Fujiwara, named Dice. Tatsuya Fujiwara is a Japanese actor, born on 15 May 1982. He is internationally best known for his leading roles in Battle Royale, Death note, Kaiji, The Incite mill.


7. Rice

It is the adorable pet cat of the Actor Akiyoshi Nakao named as Rice. Akiyoshi Nakao is a Japanese actor, born on 30 June 1988. He married the Japanese Actress, Riisa Naka. He featured in films like Color me True, Samurai Hustle, My love story!!, The floating castle.


8. Kinako

It is the adorable pet cat of actress Riisa Naka, named Kinako. It is a male cat. Riisa Naka is a Japanese Actress, born on 18 October 1989. She became famous with the dramas Hachi one Diver, Yankee- Kun to Megane-Chan. She featured in films like Moteki, Summer wars, A forest of wool and steel. She also married the actor Akiyoshi Nakao.


9. Myu

It is the adorable pet dog of actress Saki Aibu named Myu. Saki Aibu is a beautiful Japanese Actress, born on 20 June 1985. She is known for her dramas Attention please, Kaseifu no Mita. She featured in films like The taste of tea, Neck, The liar and his lover.


10. Mill-Chan

Below shown picture is the adorable pet dog of the actor Ryo Yoshizawa, named Mill-chan. Ryo Yoshizawa is a Japanese Actor and Voice Actor, born on 1 February 1994. He featured in films like The liar and his lover, Blue spring ride, Anoko no Toriko, and Marmalade Boy.