Article: Top 10 Colleges Where Korean Celebrities Completed Their Academics 

Education is something that has its power all over the world. Whether it’s an actor, a chef or any other person, education has played a significant role in making our identity in this world of competition. We all try to complete our academics from the best of the institutions. People are always curious to know that from where their idols, the influencers, have completed their academics. What are the top schools or colleges where they have studied? Let’s get to know some of the best institutes where our lovely Korean famous personalities completed their graduations.

1. Seoul National University

It is the best university in Korea, raising the standards of education since 1946. It is ranked 36th in the world. It has gained a high reputation with its academics and employment rate and has its highest alumni network. It also claims that Korea’s 100 companies have most of the CEO from Seoul University. Linkage with 289 universities in 58 countries made it famous. It features in the top universities for 41 subjects, 20 for chemistry, mechanical engineering, pharmacy and many sports-related subjects. Chang Kiha who did B.A. Sociology, Lim-Sung Bin also known as Beenzino did B.F.A. Sculpture, is a rapper and music producer passed out from this famous university.



Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, located in the research and technology hub of Daejeon, is the no.1 university in South Korea. Established in 1971, it was the first research-oriented institute in the country. It’s one of the high-tech research institutes, have seen many famous personalities like Lee Jang-Won, Ryoo Ryong passing with flying colours.


3. Korea University

Coming 86th in the world, founded in 1905 and currently has 37,000 students on two campuses. It has 11% of international students and is ranked best for 33 subjects; accounting positions in finance, business, etc. and chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, modern languages, politics and social policy and administration. Hyun Young, Chung Ji-Young and many other celebrities are pass out of this famous university.


4. Sungkyunkwan University

It’s ranked 100th in the world and is the oldest university in the country. It was established by the royal people during Joseon Dynasty. It is currently implementing ‘Vision 2020’ and will produce creative global leaders to serve the society for its betterment.

It has a good ranking for mechanical engineering, library and information management and material sciences. Jang Jae-Hyun, Ji Hyun-woo and many other celebrities have passed out from this famous university.


5. Yonsei University

It is ranked 107th in the world. Famous for the exchange of international students, it gives the cream layer in the education. It was established in 1885 and has 38,569 students, and its main campus is in Seoul. Also, the second campus is in Wonju, having 4,647 students.

Yonsei was ranked 50th for three subjects like dentistry, hospitality and leisure management and social policy and administration. Lu Han, Bong Joon-ho, Seo Jang-hoon and many other famous faces are alumni of this renowned university.


6. Pohang University Of Science And Technology

The huge 400-acre campus is located in the outer areas of Pohang. It is the first campus to use multiple tongues in South Korea. It has a vast library with a collection of around 355,000 books. A digital library of area around 25,000 square meters.


7. Hanyang University

It is located in Seoul and is ranked 151st in the world’s university ranking. Apart from its main campus, it operates ERICA (Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan) in Ansan in the Gyeonggi–Do province. With colossal group of 9 colleges and 42 departments, ERICA is recognized as a leading institute for industry cooperation, start-ups and many more.

Jung Da Bin, Kang Dong Wong, Kim So Hyun are some of the notable alumni of this famous university.


8. Kyung Hee University

Ranked 264th in the world, holds the perfect record of the student exchange program. The exchange of international students is undoubtedly its significant power. The top private university in the country is also featured in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018, Ranked 150th for hospitality, development studies, modern languages and linguistics.

Gong Yoo, G- Dragon, Chen are some of the famous faces who studies in this renowned university.


9. Ewha Woman’s University

As the name says, it’s the private women university located in Seoul ranked 319th the world ranking was established in 1886 by a Methodist missionary. This university has far respect to set up for creating a unique identity of each student.

It is now the biggest woman’s university in the world with 22,600 students.

Soo Dam, Queen Wasabi are some famous faces who has passed out from this famous university.


10. Sogang University

It is ranked 435th by the QS World University Ranking. This university is leading in research and liberal arts. It was established in 1960 by Jesus. Being in the capital of the city, it has a high employer reputation, and provides scholarships to the local students as well as to the international students.

Kim Tae Hee, Im Siwan, Kim So Hyun are some of the famous people who have passed out from this university.