Article: 10 Chinese Celebrities And Their Charity

In today's world riddled with inequalities, charitable work is essential for the upliftment of oppressed people. Charity is popular among celebrities and high-wage earners such as CEOs. It is typically carried out through donations, volunteering, sponsorship, and a variety of other means. Some people form organizations for this purpose. These organizations collect funds and work for the particular purpose for which they have been set up. Charity is considered a very noble deed and is becoming increasingly common among people. Here are the top 10 Chinese celebrities and their philanthropic deeds.

1. Huang Xiaoming And Angelababy

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming donated more than 10 million Yuan which is around 1.52 million in US dollars to charity. He donated 2 million Yuan for rescue work of the Tianjin Tanggu Chemical Explosion in August, as a wedding gift for his wife Angelababy. In addition to that he sponsored living expenses for 527 children and has also donated to 30 schools nationwide.


2. Jackie Chan

The world-renowned actor Jackie Chan has donated 3 million Yuan to the relatives of the firemen deceased during the Tianjin Explosion.  Chan had also donated his birthday gift of over 1 million Yuan to charity. In addition to these donations, he also founded his charity organization in 2008 which was called, The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.


3. Fan BingBing

Fan BingBing, another widely famous Chinese actress, donated 1 million Yuan to the families of the firemen who died during the Tianjin Chemical Explosion. She has also been running her own charitable project, Heart Ali, to assist children in the Ali district of Tibet's autonomous region who have congenital heart diseases. The project had taken ground in 2010 and every year, Fan visits Tibet to help children to get access to surgical facilities in cities like Shanghai or Beijing.


4. Cui Yongyuan

Cui Yongyuan is a TV anchor from China who has donated 200 million Yuan that he earned as the product spokesman for the public fundraising foundation called The Beijing Shuiyuan Public Foundation in 2014. This establishment is the only foundation in China that is devoted to preserving oral history. The Beijing Yongyuan Foundation was founded by him along with The Beijing Red Cross with the goal of training village teachers and protecting cultural heritage.


5. Yao Chen

Yao Chen is a Chinese actress and philanthropist. She is designated as the UNHCR's Honorary Patron for China. She has visited refugees in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Somalia, Sudan, and Ethiopia. She uses her platform to raise awareness about issues such as the refugee crisis, pollution, and censorship.


6. Louis Koo

Louis Koo is a Hong Kong actor who has donated funds in order to build four schools including the Sungang Primary School and the Chengguan Town Kindergarten. Since 2008, he has donated funds to help in creating a total of 135 schools. In the recent pandemic of the virus Covid-19, Koo distributed 1.3 million face masks to the needy. He also helped in the setting up of funds to assist the artists that were left jobless due to the pandemic.


7. Jiang Yiyan

Jiang Yiang is a Chinese actress and a photographer who is a well-known goodwill ambassador for the UN Children’s fund. She worked as a volunteer teacher in Xiaoga village of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in South China, for seven years. The village of now has a kitchen and a radio station thanks to her assistance. Jiang also started an online charity store where she sells items donated by her friends. The money raised is used to help children in the village.


8. Yang Lan

Yang Lan is one of the most popular women anchors in China. She is the goodwill ambassador for the China Charity Federation and had also started her own foundation called, Yang Lan’s Sun Culture Foundation, in order to increase exchanges of charity activities between China and western countries. The foundation has helped train 500 individuals specializing in NGO work since 2007. Yang has donated 300,000 Yuan from the proceeds of her first book to charity.


9. Han Hong

Han Hong, a Chinese singer, has donated 500,000 Yuan to the Tianjin Tanggu rescue operation. In 2011, she also established the Hang-Hong Love Charity Foundation. Every year, the foundation travels to a city to provide medical assistance to local hospitals. The foundation has also travelled to Cenggong County in Southwest China's Guizhou province to assist in the training of doctors and the treatment of 500 cataract patients. Furthermore, it has donated 30 sport utility vehicles for medical emergencies.


10. Yao Ming

Since he began playing for the NBA, Yao Ming has been interested in charitable activities. His area of interest lies in AIDS prevention and cure research in China. In 2015, he founded the Yao Foundation Charity Game. The money from the tickets was used to construct basketball courts at Hope Primary Schools in China.