Article: 10 Famous Thai Pop Groups To Check Out

Pop bands and groups have a long history of popularity. Pop has long been a well-known genre that receives a great deal of media attention, particularly in nations like America and the UK. The most well-known pop acts in the early 1900s came from the West. However, the idea didn't become popular in Asia until K-pop's meteoric rise to stardom. Following K-pop's success, several nations began releasing pop songs in their own tongues. Thai pop, Chinese pop, and Japanese pop are some examples. Ten Thai pop groups that became well-known are listed below. Pop music fans looking for something unique can experiment with Thai pop.

1. BNK48

The formation of the hit Japanese pop girl group AKB48 was followed by a few spin-off girl groups. The letters AKB refer to the neighbourhood in Tokyo called Akihabara, where their theatre is situated. BNK48's name continues this theme. BNK refers to Bangkok, the city where the girl group was founded. They have been operating since 2016 and are well-known in Thailand. They received numerous accolades for their fame and music. The group is still going strong and will shortly drop their fifteenth single.

2. PiXXiE

The Thai female group PiXXiE consists of three members. LIT Entertainment hosted its debut in 2021. Mabelz, Pimma, and Ingkho are the three individuals who make up the group. The three members are well-known for their musicality, dance moves, and aesthetic appeal. They attracted a lot of fan attention because of their original concept. Their tracks No Good, Hot Dangerous, and Mutelu are well-known. It is still aggressively promoted by a certain organisation.

3. Polycat

Another trio from Thailand, Polycat is well-known for their pop and synth-pop music. They have been performing for ten years and are well-known among Thai pop performers. They made their debut in 2011 under the company Smallroom. The title of their debut studio album was 05:57. They are a professional band that includes musicians. Tong is a keyboardist who also plays the synthesiser and trumpet; Na is a vocalist who also plays the guitar and synthesiser; and Pure is a bassist. They are famous for songs like "I Want You, Pretty...", "Good," and Take Me with You, among others.

4. 4Eve

One of the well-known Thai pop female groups that attracted a lot of media attention is 4Eve. In 2020, they were created as a result of the survival programme Girl Group Star. They made their debut with the digital single "Oohlala!" Their first album, which came out in 2022, is their most recent offering. Assemble (with Copter) was made available as an original soundtrack in 2023 and it is their most recent release


Three people make up the coed Thai band Telex Telexs. Bad Old Days, their first single, was released in 2015. Two men and one woman make up the group. Initially, they had four members, but the bassist, Korn, left in 2020. The singles Damsel in Distress, Rain, and Move On are among their best-known. Time to Say Goodbye in 2023 is the group's most recent digital single.

6. Bamm

Bamm, a new co-ed group under LIT Entertainment, was released in 2022. The names of the members, Baozi, Arty, and Mang, were used to create the name. It's intended that the name sound like a comic book sound effect which adds to an appeal for the fans. 2 Cool 2 Care was their debut lead single. Along with their labelmates PiXXiE, they also appeared in a song collaboration which was very popular among netizens.

7. K-Otic

Thai boyband K-Otic, which consisted of five members, made its debut in 2007 and split up in 2012. They had Chinese, Japanese, and Thai members. Friends, the group's last song together, served as a nostalgic look-back on their time spent as a group. Ya Wai Chai, a pre-release for their first album, was released as their debut song and it was very famous amongst music lovers.

8. Dust

Dust is a group that debuted in 2019 with their single Bye Bye. It is a five-member group with both male and female members. The members are Mild, Milk, Cheetah, Befurai, and God. Their famous releases include their 2019 debut album, Bye Bye, and their collaboration with Lotte in 2018.

9. Pretzelle

In 2020, Pretzelle debuted as a Thai group consisting of four members: Inc., Aumaim, and Grace. Their first mini album was Pretzelle Day, which was released on May 28, 2020. The music video for their title track, Never Give Up, was released. Pretzelle's famous recent release is First Love. It is a special single released in 2021.


Tempt was another four-member boy group that debuted under the company Attractor. They debuted in 2019 with their lead single, Tell Me, Is This Love? They disbanded in 2020 after the contract dissolution of three of the members. Their other famous release is Be With Me Tonight, which went public in 2020.