Article: 10 K-Pop Stars Who Became Survival Show Mentors

K-pop idols are starting to act as mentors in the present times. Mentorship is a new occurrence in the always changing world of K-pop where talent and charisma rule are judged and ruled supreme. Although these idols now have devoted fanbases, they were once rookies themselves. They are now going above and beyond the duties they have as artists to help and encourage the many eager novices, especially with the introduction of newer survival shows every year. As the K-pop industry becomes more and more ruthless, these mentors are noted for their distinct insight, knowledge, and genuine concern for survival show participants. In this article, we'll examine the astonishing transformation of 10 K-pop idols into mentors who impart expertise and guide the industry.

1. Tiffany

Tiffany, or Stephanie Young Hwang, is a Korean-American singer and songwriter. She has been in the industry for over a decade and is considered experienced and successful. Her excellent vocal abilities have been charming to her audience for years. She is known for being a beloved member of the hit K-pop girl group SNSD, or Girls' Generation. In 2021, she took part in the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999 as a mentor for the show and participants in the show looked up to her as someone experienced in the same industry. Her position there was that of a 'Planet Master'.

2. Soyeon

Over the past few years, G-idle has flourished and bloomed into an all-round group with massive domestic success. Following their debut in 2018, each one of their comebacks was a bigger hit than before. Now, they are considered one of the most successful groups of the 4th-gen K-pop. She was a mentor at the MBC show, My Teenage Girl. She is a practical and knowledgeable woman who knows how to make the participants in her team shine. She was also stern in calling people out for allowing participants to pass tests based on just their looks. Being a former survival show participant at Unpretty Rapper, and knows how it works.

3. Kwon Yuri

Kwon Yuri is a vocal-line member of Girl's Generation (SNSD). SNSD is an SM group that received huge popularity and continues to be acknowledged as one of the most influential K-pop acts of the century; if you know K-pop, you are bound to come across their group. At the MBC Survival Show, My Teenage Girl, Yuri played the role of a mentor for the rookies. The participants are to be divided into teams according to their ages, and each group must battle against the other to determine the final line-up, according to the show's framework. Kwon Yuri was a wise leader who cared for her team and taught them how to do their best on stage.

4. Lisa

One of K-pop's most talented dancers is Blackpink's Lisa. She is the lead dancer of Blackpink, which is known for being one of the biggest groups in the world. For the second season of Youth With You, Lisa acted as one of the major dance mentors. She was a resilient dancing instructor who was a perfectionist and understood how to correct the flaws of the participants. Everyone admired her for her experience as a member of one of the biggest female groups on the planet.

5. Sunmi

Sunmi was one of the members of Wonder Girls, the hit JYP group. She is a long-time favourite amongst fans for being a great singer, composer, and dancer. She is acknowledged as one of the industry's idols with the most experience. She had been a mentor for Girls Planet 999 in Mnet. She was a wise mentor who assisted the participants in developing and was stern in picking out errors.

6. Changmin

Tong Vfang Xien Qi, popularly known as TVXQ, is a K-pop group managed by SM Entertainment. They made their debut in 2003 however, unfortunately, they were forced to break up in 2008 due to legal issues. The team's main vocalist was Changmin. He has a reputation for having excellent knowledge and expertise in both his roles as an idol and a renowned vocalist. In NCT Universe LASTAGE, he served as a mentor. He has always been the host of a variety of programmes, including Fantasy Boys and Road to the Kingdom.

7. JayB

A member of the former JYP band GOT7 is JayB. Even after their contract with JYP Entertainment had expired, and they went on hiatus, they kept their fans hopeful of their return dates. He participated in the IST Entertainment survival programme The Origin: A, B, or What? in 2022. JayB is regarded as an honourable mentor since he is understanding of his trainees and has an open mind. When interacting with the participants, he is wise and competent.

8. Wang Yibo

The well-known Produce television series under Mnet also aired in China and Wang Yibo served as a coach in one of the seasons. A member of the K-pop group Uniq, Wang Yibo has first-hand expertise on how to be an idol. The group has songs in both Chinese and Korean versions. Yibo was a mentor for Produce 101 China in 2018. He was regarded as a kind and loving mentor who welcomed and got along well with his trainees. He also served as a mentor at Street Dance China Season 3. Despite his youth, he is regarded as a gifted and knowledgeable person.

9. Lee Hongki

A member of the K-rock group F.T. Island is Lee Hongki. He was the band's frontman. He took on the role of voice mentor for Produce 48, the wildly successful season of the Produce series that gave rise to IZ*One, in 2018. He was picked for that season because he is skilled and well-liked in both Japan and Korea.

10. Soyou

One of the best soloists in the K-pop world is Soyou. She used to belong to the Starship Entertainment K-pop group, Sistar. She began her solo career after Sistar split up, however, her solo endeavours had been flourishing for a very long time due to her outstanding singing qualities. She worked with Produce 48 and Produce X 101 as a vocal coach. She also hosted a number of other shows and served as a youth mentor on Young Star.