Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors And Actresses Who Are Also Musicians

Chinese actors are often known for dubbing and singing the original soundtracks for their own dramas and films. Many of these artists had once been idols in idol groups and took up acting from there. Entertainment companies like to train the artists in a way that would make them multitalented. This is why most actors have started as singers and most singers end up in the acting industry. Here are 10 Chinese actors and actresses deeply involved with the music industry. Many of them had an established music career before an acting one.

1. Xiao Zhan

Actor Xiao Zhan became well-known worldwide with his breakout performance in the Moxiang Tongxiu rendition of Mo Dao Zu Who called The Untamed. He recently completed shooting The Oath of Love, a Wuxia drama that is popular right now. He is more than just an actor, though. His professional life began as a vocalist. His first television appearance was in the survival programme X-Fire, and he later joined the Chinese boy band X Nine. Has has been a vocalist in multiple solo songs and OSTs.

2. Luo Yunxi

Ballet was Luo Yunxi's focus as he graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He debuted in his musical career with the Chinese boy band JBOY3. He briefly carried on as a duo with another ex-member after the group split up until 2012 when he made his acting debut in The Spring of My Life. He has become well-known throughout the years in a variety of starring and supporting roles. His career changed course with the 2023 drama Till the End of the Moon. He achieved an immense reputation as a result of his outstanding work as the lead.

3. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo achieved fame as a member of the Yuehua boy group Uniq. His position was dance and rap, and he made his debut in both China and Korea. He rose to stardom as an actor in the  2018 drama Gank Your Heart. His breakthrough came with The Untamed, a popular Wuxia BL drama, where he played the male lead. He has additionally acted in The Legend of Fei and Luolang, further solidifying his acting career. Fans eagerly anticipate the reunion of his band, which has not yet broken up.

4. Zhou Shen

Chinese singer Charlie Zhou, also known as Zhou Shen, is well-known and successful in the music business. He is a male performer whose voice and vocal range are well-known. But because of his many skills, he has also tried his hand at acting. In the film Close to Love, he had a cameo appearance.

5. Yang Zi

Yang Zi is a well-known actress in China who has starred in several Chinese plays. At one of the most famous film schools in the nation, she double majored in acting and film, which helped kickstart her career. She performed in many small and supporting parts. The dramas Sisters Over Flowers, Battle of Changsha, and Ode to Joy were where she gathered her fame, acting-wise. She is also renowned for having a stunning voice. She has provided her voice for several OSTs of both her own and other people's dramas during her career. Don't Want to Grow Up was her very first OST.

6. Zhao Lusi

You must be familiar with Zhao Lusi if you watch Chinese dramas. She is a well-known and exceptional actress and for her lovely voice. In Who Rules the World, she portrayed one of the key characters. She became well-known because of the drama. In 2023, she also acted in the love story Hidden Love. Her musical discography is packed full of drama and original soundtracks.

7. Lu Han

On a global scale, Lu Han is one of the most well-known people. His success in the entertainment industry began when he debuted with the well-known boy band EXO as a K-pop idol. He continued with his music career and entered the acting industry after leaving the group in 2014. In 20 Once Again, he made his acting debut. He keeps acting, singing, and making music. He has been acknowledged as one of China's highest-paid artists.

8. Zhang Han

The talents of Zhang Han include hosting, singing, and acting. He is a household name in China and is well-known for his work in the films Meteor Shower, The Four, and Here to Heart. Additionally, he has contributed as a singer to a number of original drama soundtracks. His fame was also cemented by the success of his drama Boss and Me, which brought him a lot of followers and attention both locally and abroad.

9. Cheng Xiao (WJSN)

Starship Entertainment's international K-pop group WJSN made its debut in 2016. One of the group's Chinese members was Cheng Xiao. She took a break from group activities two years after her debut and began her solo pursuits in China. She made the decision to become an actor during this time, and Detective Chinatown was her first role. She has acted in a number of dramas throughout the years, including Vacation of Love and The Legend of Awakening. She is well-known for her OST features.

10. Bai Lu

Chinese actress Mengyan Lu, also known as Bai Lu, is well-known internationally for her parts in several plays. One and Only, Forever and Ever, Love is Sweet, and Till the End of the Moon were the four biggest hits she has. She has won numerous prizes for her acting, but she can also sing well. My Sugar and Floating Universe are two of the original songs she has released. She has also appeared in a lot of Chinese OSTs.