Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies And Dramas Of Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat has dazzled our screens with her alluring presence and exceptional acting abilities. Her name is linked with brilliance and beauty. This Uighur-Chinese actress has dominated the Asian drama industry, and because to her many different roles, she has a devoted following around the world. We shall travel through the top 10 dramas in this post that have best displayed Dilraba Dilmurat's excellent acting talent and cemented her place as a beloved celebrity in the entertainment industry.

1. You Are My Glory

The audience enjoyed the chemistry between Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat. Chinese drama You Are My Glory is a comedy, romance, and life drama. One of the key elements contributing to the appeal of "You Are My Glory" is the undeniable affinity between Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat. Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu's characters come to life on screen thanks to their chemistry, which draws the viewer into their love story. With their subtly powerful emotions, inspiring moments, and intense chemistry, the two actors have won the hearts of viewers throughout the world.

2. The Flame’s Daughter

The leader of the most powerful Jiang hu sector, Lie Huo Manor, was the father of Lie Ru Ge. She is a lively beauty who attempts to win back the affection of her senior who is her eldest, after he abruptly breaks his engagement to her. He visits the most well-known brothel to discover how to get his beloved back, where he meets "Number One Beauty" and brothel owner Yin Xue. He has no idea that Yin Xue had a dark past with him and will go to any lengths to keep it hidden.

3. Pretty Li Hui Zhen

On the other hand, Bai Hao Yu used to be a man of ordinary appearance but is now stylish, prosperous, and fun. Li Hui Zhen was, therefore, too ashamed to confront her when he later encountered her and saw their turn of events. Even when he requests his fashionable roommate, Xia Qiao, to assume his identity, he runs into Bai Hao Yu. That exceptional scheme, however, has another drawback: Bai Hao Yu is Li Hui Zhen's supervisor, therefore he now has to pose as someone else while working for her.

4. Eternal Love Of Dream

The only remaining nine-tailed red fox in the world is Bai Feng Jiu. While looking for crops in the mountains one day, Bai Feng Jiu was assaulted by monsters. The first emperor of Heaven, Dong Hua, intervened to save her. To destroy the Demon King, Bai Feng Jiu joins Dong Hua out of gratitude and a sense of obligation. Bai Feng Jiu notices that Dong Hua's gratitude for her is turning into love as they spend more time together. Unfortunately, Dong Hua's heart was too hard for that because he had long since forgotten what love was.

5. The Long Ballad

Li Chang Ge gathers a formidable army to topple the new Emperor because she is hell-bent on retaliation. However, when she unexpectedly loses to the forces of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate, her plans are upended. To further his military objectives, the triumphant General Ashile Sun keeps her in his employ as his military strategist. Together, they make a powerful military team. And as her captor begins to feel the same way about her, she gradually falls for him.

6. Mr. Pride Vs. Miss Prejudice

A web blogger Tang Nannan has experienced love thanks to fate. She is an ambitious writer who frequently thinks in ways that are too unusual for the typical individual. She daydreams a little too much because she wants to be successful. One day, she unintentionally destroys Zhu Huo's proposal to his dream girl, turning him into a foe. The two find themselves in a situation where they must cohabit while clinging to their respective egos and biases. Xiao Jian Jun, a close friend of Zhu Hou, immediately falls in love with Tang Nannan and begins to pursue her. Their relationship starts in struggle because Zhu Hou causes more strife than resolving it.

7. Namiya

A moving tale that follows three orphaned kids as they hide out in a grocery shop and discover a note that was smuggled under the door. They reply in writing, starting a dialogue with folks from thirty years ago. The film focuses on the straightforward tales of various people who pray for a miracle, from a terminally ill partner to a girl torn between love and passion, an aspiring musician to a student who'd rather quit school and run away from home while he deals with his problems. They write letters to an unremarkable shop owned by Namiya, a wise old guy who gives heartfelt counsel to anyone who would listen.

8. Dreams Come True

On New Year's Eve, Ge You visited the enchanted "Photo Gallery" in the vibrant atmosphere of the Spring Festival. He wanted to take a picture that told a tale for the New Year. Behind the three "photographers," Dilraba, Hua Chenyu, and Chen Feiyu, a red curtain slowly opened, allowing Ge You to begin a trip of "photographing." Why not consider things from a different perspective? Life is full of surprises at every turn.

9. The Backlight Of Love

On the day of her wedding, Jiang Li attempted to flee but was stabbed. Her ghost is confronted by an angel who gives her seven days to find out who tried to kill her. After graduating from university, her recollections of the past were hazy, so she set out to identify the perpetrator by looking back in time. Evidently, not all she thought was true.

10. Sweet Dreams

A lovely, thoughtful, and helpful young woman named Ling Ling Qi works at Bei Ma Hotel. Her doubts, however, frequently come in the way because she struggles at work and frequently lacks the courage to go after what she wants. She is hesitant to confide in Bo Hai, a work colleague, about her sentiments. One day, she and Bo Hai take part in a public experiment run by a technology business of their dreams. The tool they're experimenting with breaks down, resulting in the unintentional transfer of Ling Ling Qi's brainwave recordings into Bo Hai's dream sequence. They also get to know one another in real life as she tries to assist Bo Hai in overcoming his childhood trauma.