Article: 10 Thai Dramas Like Girl From Nowhere 

It has already been over two years since the last season of Girl from Nowhere dropped and ever since then, viewers are wishing for a third season. This Netflix series got everyone losing their minds and going wild over the storyline and how it showcased essential issues that occur all around. Girl from Nowhere is a drama with dark humor, a magnificent storyline, and cinematography. It climbed up to Netflix’s top 10 all over the world. It was a story about this mysterious yet clever girl named Nanno who transferred to different schools all around and exposed all their dirty secrets, lies and wrongdoings. If you love Girl from Nowhere and want to watch shows that follow similar storylines or concepts, check out these 10 Thai dramas like Girl from Nowhere.

1. Sleepless Society (2020)

Sleepless Society, as the name suggests, features a story of our main character who has insomnia, during which she does her best to resolve her past. Not being able to sleep due to constant nightmares, Aiya, our lead, keeps having the same nightmare where she is back at her childhood house, and she sees her mother committing a murder, killing off some unknown victim. That results in Aiya going back to her childhood house to piece everything together, but soon enough, the line between reality and hallucination starts to blur, and things get complicated.

2. The Gifted (2018)

The Gifted follows the story of the school that offers “Gifted Programs” to choose students and when our main character, the lowest-ranking student who was never treated fairly, passes the gifted program student, he, along with his friends, starts feeling something different. They begin to figure out the secrets and start getting exposed to danger. Each show focuses on uncovering the school’s dark secrets while also featuring supernatural powers like Nanno’s of staying alive, there are multiple characters have abilities in The Gifted. It just focuses on its own school unlike in Girl from Nowhere where it focused on multiple schools.

3. The Stranded (2019)

A story about a group of students stuck together on a small island after a tsunami hit. They soon realize they are stuck there with nobody coming to help them. This results in all of them trying to stay alive and ultimately falling into groups which ends up bringing waves of conflicts and past issues. They must figure out how to survive while also dealing with their conflicts.

4. ThirTEEN Terrors (2014)

This is a story about teenagers searching for the dark truth that their schools hide in their mysterious history. ThirTEEN Terrors has stories from thirteen different directors highlighting various dynamics and storylines. This show also features a lot of gore and violence. Like Girl from Nowhere, ThirTEEN Terrors showcases different stories in each episode. It teaches about social issues and shows the problems through students' eyes.

5. The Scent Of Love (2022)

The Scent of Love is another Thai drama that you can check out if you loved Girl from Nowhere. It is a story about two twin sisters and their complex relationship. One might think the disagreements and complexity stop after one pass away but here in this show, they continue over lifetimes where they fall in love with the same man every single lifetime they reincarnate. But things are not as straightforward as this because we see many more extreme complexities further down the storyline.

6. In Family We Trust (2018)

As the name suggests, this story revolves around family and their drama and betrayal. It features a big wealthy family who owns multiple hotels which results in plenty of wealth. This show follows this family whose bond on the outside looks unbreakable but everything has its own cracks and so do they. What happens when one day one of the eldest members drops dead and their family member is the prime suspect. This results in a mess of covering things up while also desperately trying to find out what is happening and the truth.

7. Blood & Treasures (2016)

Blood & Treasures has not only romance but also reincarnation and the mystery that you seek. It follows one of our main leads, an archaeologist with a love for antique things who goes around messing with those very antique things which results in the entry of our second lead, a reincarnation of the woman who was bound to protect the treasures. We watch and see how their pasts are linked together and how both the leads manage to work around it and get out of it. Like in Girl from Nowhere, people who deserve to be held accountable for their actions get their deserved end. Karma plays a significant role in this story, so if you love that, you will enjoy Blood & Treasures.

8. The Leaked (2020)

The Leaked also follows the storyline of high-school students and all the different issues and dangers they face through social media. Like Girl from Nowhere, we see many stories that revolve around multiple characters including the lead character who ends up being the victim sometimes and other times, not.

9. After Dark (2020)

After Dark is a show that has four separate interlinked horror stories within one show; they vary from each other despite being connected. It is about a pregnancy that haunts you until the end, a patient that gets better in an abnormal way, an anonymous sponsor where you never know what might come for you, and shooting a sex tape leading to something unpredictable. Just like Girl from Nowhere, After Dark also focuses on a different story in each episode, but unlike Girl from Nowhere, it is connected, and the story continues in a way. Another distinctive similarity is both main characters have similar physical features and aura.

10. Not Me (2021)

Not Me is a show about two twins, Black and White, who were separated after their parents split up, and White ended up going with his father. Returning to Thailand after years of being called because his brother, Black, was in a coma, he decides to disguise himself as his brother to figure out what is happening. But all it turns into is him finding out things and realizing he did not know his brother as well as he thought. Both shows, Girl from Nowhere and Not Me, showcase social issues while also focusing on revenge and dark secrets. They feature a lot of violence and karma.