Article: 10 Highest Paid BL Series Couples 

BL, also known as Boy Love has been a category that has steadily been gaining popularity all over the world. With its catchy storylines and amazing star casts, it has been stealing everyone’s heart. It has not only been gathering a lot of attention but also bringing light to LGBTQ+ relationships and storylines. These actors have established their name in this industry and if you are a BL lover, you will surely know these couples. It has been mentioned according to sources that famous Thai BL actors get paid over 180,000 to 200,000 or above Bhat (Thailand’s currency) to attend events. Let us now look at the 10 highest-paid BL series couples.

1. Bright Vachirawit And Win Metawin

Bright and Win consecutively have 19 million and 14.5 million followers on their Instagram accounts. Very well known for their infamous show 2Gether The Series, Brightwin has been one of the most famous BL series couples. 2Gether series features our two main characters Tine (Win Metawin) and Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit). Tine is a first-year law student who ends up becoming another student, Green’s object of attraction and to free himself from Green who just cannot get the hint, he asks Sarawat to pretend to be his boyfriend. This series features everyone’s favourite genre of fake relationships to something more.

2. Mew Suppasit And Gulf Kanawut

Mew and Gulf both consecutively have 5.7 million and 3.7 million followers on their Instagram accounts. From TharnType the Series, they are another pair that is known for their captivating acting and on-screen chemistry. It is a story about one of our main characters, Type, who has developed a hatred against all members of the LGBTQIA+ community due to a bad past memory. When Type meets his new roommate, Tharn, an openly gay man who he develops a hate against but Tharn does not back down. We follow along to their story to find out what happens.

3. Boun Noppanut And Prem Warut

Boun and Prem both consecutively have 3 million followers on their Instagram accounts. Famous for their BLs such as ‘Until We Meet Again’, ‘Between Us’, ‘7 Project’ and ‘Even Sun,’ Boun and Prem are one of the famous BL Drama couples that nobody can get enough of. They have showcased their talent and tremendously good on-screen chemistry which has everyone hooked to this pair.

4. Apo Nattawin And Mile Phakphum

Apo and Mile each consecutively have 4 million followers on their Instagram accounts. KinnPorsche, their very well-known drama, is another BL Series even if you do not watch many, you would know of. It is the typical mafia and a regular guy’s storyline that, despite being cliché, has you hooked. It is a story about a Mafia boss’s son, Kinn, who is fleeing from his enemy when he meets a young bartender, Porsche, who ends up helping him out of the problematic situation. This leads to the Mafia boss being impressed and demanding to hire Porsche. When he declines, it leads to his family being threatened. Being pushed into unfamiliar surroundings and violent job, their relationship escalates and transitions into something more as things get more and more difficult.

5. Tay Tawan And New Thitipoom

Tay and New both consecutively have 6 million and 4 million followers on their Instagram accounts. They are one of the popular Thai BL actors who have been together on many popular on-screen shows and are well known for their works. Their chemistry brings new people every time. They are returning with a new highly anticipated BL drama named Cherry Magic.

6. Atthaphan Phunsawat And Jumpol Adilkittiporn

Atthaphan and Jumpol consecutively have 6 million and 5 million followers on their Instagram accounts. Their show, Not Me, is a show about two twins, Black and White who get separated after their parent’s separation. One day, White gets a call that Black is in a coma and learns about him being in a motorcycle gang so he decides to take his place and disguise himself as his brother. It turns out he did not know his brother as well as he thought because Sean, our main lead, suspects him and feelings start forming. We follow along to see what happens to Black, White and Sean along with other characters of the drama.

7. Billkin Puttipong And PP Krit

Billkin and PP Krit consecutively have 3 million and 4 million followers on their Instagram accounts. I Told the Sunset About You, the show they feature in, is a story about young best friends who grow up together but end up growing apart due to a few disputes. But fate has plans for them as it brings both together despite them never expecting to cross paths. They end up meeting at university and being assigned to work together. Spending time together leads to feelings developing. We follow along to see if their story develops and if Cupid will still bring them together after all these years.

8. Zeepruk Panich And NuNew Chawarin

Zeepruk and NuNew consecutively have 4 million and 3 million followers on their Instagram accounts. Cutie Pie, their show, features another fan-loved genre of arranged marriage to more. It is a story that follows two of our main characters, Lian and Kuea who are bound in an arranged marriage. Both are different from the other and while Kuea wants to live and explore a romantic life with Lian, things do not go that way since Lian does not feel the same acts cold and wants to break off the marriage. But things change when Lian starts developing feelings for Kuea just as they split up.

9. Thanawat Rattanakitpaisarr And Kanaphan Puitrakul

Thanawat and Kanaphan consecutively have 2 million and 3 million followers on their Instagram accounts. The Eclipse, their show, is one of the recent BL series that is a story about an all-boys school that has a big rumour going around that any boy who acts out will get punished by the curse, which only gets more potent every solar eclipse. The head student and one of our main characters, Akk, oversees taking care of the rebel groups and the new student, Ayan, our other main character arrives, making Akk suspicious of him. We follow along to learn more about other secrets and see how their relationship develops if anything happens.

10. Nattawat Jirochtikul And Norawit Titicharoenrak

Nattawat and Norawit consecutively have 2 million followers each on their Instagram accounts. My School President, their show, as the name suggests, is a story about high school boys and their story. It follows our main character, Gun, head of the music club, and Tinn, the principal’s son, who are both also rivals. Due to some reasons, the music club builds a bad name for the school which makes things difficult for them and hence, Gun decides to run for president to save his club. But his rival, Tinn ends up winning and Gun is now at his mercy, trying to do whatever he can to persuade Tinn not to dissolve his club but what he does not know is that Tinn has a crush on him. We follow along to see how their story