Article: Top 10 Best K-Pop Idol Dancers In SM Entertainment

Dance is an art that tells a story through movements and music. It is almost as important as music in K-pop. Artists we like are talented dancers because dancing is a must in K-pop. K-pop dances are fun, unique, and intricate. Korean idols are famous for their dancing skills because they look effortless while performing complex choreographies and capture all your attention. SM Entertainment is known for having some of the best K-pop idols who are multi-talented. These idols are fan favorites and famous in the industry. They inspire the younger artists to be as good as they are. Let us see some of the best dancers in SM whose skill and charm are unbeatable.

1. Kai

Kai is the best dancer in EXO and is one of the best dancers in the present. Kim Jong-in is known for his versatility, as he does all genres of dance perfectly. Kai is known to make complex dance moves look effortless and is unbeatable on stage. Kai is famous for not missing a single beat during his dance. The dancer is fatally charming on the stage. From ballet to hip-hop, Kai perfectly excels in all forms of dance. The artist has a fantastic stage presence and exudes power and charm. K-pop idols call Kai their role model and inspire them to be dancers like him.

2. Taemin

Shinee member Tae-min is known as the ace of K-pop. Ever since he debuted, Taemin has been popular for his incredible dancing. Taemin brings dance moves to life and awes anyone watching. His dancing is breathtaking and very artistic. Tae-min puts his charm into choreography and is a unique dancer. Taemin's song Move went viral in K-pop as he broke gender barriers in dance with its sensual and outstanding choreography that mixed feminine and masculine movements in his dance.

3. BoA

BoA, an iconic solo artist in K-pop, is considered one of the top idols of her company and the K-pop industry. BoA has become an iconic performer and has had a significant impact on the industry. With her natural talent as a dancer and over 15 years of experience, she exhibits fluidity and charisma that captivate audiences. BoA is known for her graceful dance performances and is titled the Queen of K-pop. She has been a judge on a dance battle show.

4. Taeyong

NCT leader Tae-Yong is an all-rounder who captures hearts with his phenomenal skills. His dancing is fluid but sharp, intense, and alluring. Tae-Yong is one of the best dancers right now. He is very groovy and dances with confidence, swag, and groove. Tae-Yong captures hearts with his sharp moves and captivating facial expressions. Tae-Yong is simply an eye-catching dancer and idol.

5. Ten

Ten from NCT is one of the most versatile dancers in his company and is known for his fluid moves. From hip-hop to contemporary and classical, Ten dances with grace. He is very flexible and fluid and is a stand-out dancer who catches your eye with his allure. Ten made the chorus choreography for a group song called Miracle and often does dance videos with choreographers. His songs Birthday and Paint Me Naked showed how he can nail various choreographies.

6. Seul-gi

Kang Seul-gi from Red Velvet is one of the best female dancers in K-pop. Her dancing is very sharp and controlled, and she looks effortless. Seul-gi is skilled at isolation, locking and popping, and being a groovy dancer. Seul-gi went viral for her tutting choreography in the song Naughty. Her music video for 28 Reasons showed her talent for body control and making strong moves.

7. Hyo-yeon

SNSD member Hyo-yeon is very famous for being an incredible dancer. She is one of the best female dancers from the 2nd generation of K-pop. Hyo-yeon is very experienced and has experimented a lot with dance styles. From jazz, ballroom, and tap dancing to hip-hop and dancesport, she aces every choreography she performs. Hyo-yeon is precise and sharp but also fluid and groovy with dance. She was in Dancing with the Stars and Hit the Stage as a dancer and on Dancing Nine as a judge. Hyo-yeon is famous for her dance breaks in Girls Generation and Got the Beat.

8. Shotaro

Riize member Shotaro is one of the best idol dancers in K-pop. He has been dancing since the age of five. Before joining the group NCT, Shotaro was a professional dancer who went to one of the best dance institutes in Japan. He is now the lead dancer of his group. Shotaro and his moves are sharp and precise but groovy and fun to see. He is a phenomenal dancer and even choreographs sometimes. Shotaro is known to stand out even when not dancing in the center. He has clean but complex footwork, fluid moves, and body control. Shotaro is famous for his dance practice videos and for being good at freestyle dancing. Shotaro is mentioned as one of the isolation legends in his company.

9. Eun-hyuk

Eun-hyuk began dancing after attending a school talent show with his sister. Eun-hyuk is known for his popping and locking skills, not missing any beat, and making dancing look easy. He even showed his moves while practicing with the dancing legend of Korea, Popping Hyun Joon. His group, Super Junior, consists of 10 members, but Eun-hyuk still shines with his dancing skills. Eun-hyuk is a very clean dancer, and fans are fascinated by his smooth and controlled dancing. He was on a show with Tae-min and Ji-sung of NCT, where the idols created choreographies. Eun-hyuk participated in various dance battles and was the judge on a street dance battle show.

10. Jisung

Ji-sung, one of the younger members of his group NCT, has been called one of the best K-pop dancers because of his tremendous skill. His moves are powerful but also controlled and clean. Ji-sung often gets praised for his footwork, popping, and body control. Ji-sung is extremely good at Hip-hop. His dancing is very textured and has smooth and effortless footwork.