Article: Top 10 Korean Movies That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Good movies are like a comfort blanket. There are times when all you wish to do is sit at home and watch movies that will take all your attention. South Korean cinema is famous for having the best films in many genres. From romance to psychological thrillers, Korean cinema is just on another level. With their variety of genres to select from, Korean films are definitely at the top of everyone's list with their quality in storylines and visuals. Mystery and thrillers are some of the most popular genres, and Korean movies are some of the best in these genres. Sometimes, all you need is a gripping movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Here are the Top 10 must-watch gems.

1. Memories Of Murder

Detective Park finds the body of a brutally murdered woman, and all hell breaks loose as more women are found dead. Set in 1986, three detectives try to hunt down a serial rapist and killer in the countryside of Korea. It is a thrilling and horrifying movie and takes all your attention as you try to figure out the case along with them.

2. The Call

The Call is about two women who live in different times, one in the past and one in the present. Seoyeon one day finds a cordless phone and ends up answering a call from a girl. The girl admits she lives in the same house, but 20 years in the past. The complex story does not let you take your eyes off the screen, as Seoyeon realizes she should have never answered The Call.

3. Forgotten

A family of four moves into a new house, and Jinseok, the youngest, does not expect what might happen when his older brother gets kidnapped for almost 20 days. Life turns upside down for Jinseok, whose brother changes completely after his abduction. As Jinseok tries to find out about it, he comes across things that only raise more and more questions. The dark and mysterious is plot is confusing and will bring the audience to the edge of their seats, guessing for answers as Jinseok delves into the mysteries of his brother, family and even himself. This movie is very unique and the end will leave the audience surprised.

4. The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden, directed by the famous Park Chan-wook, is about Sookhee. She gets hired to become a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress in the 1930s. However, things are not simple because Sookhee gets involved with a con man and his scheme of stealing the Lady's fortune. The thrilling and erotic movie is exciting and gripping, and the twists will leave your jaw-dopped.

5. The Wailing

The Wailing, released in 2016, is a horror-thriller movie. A mysterious Japanese guy comes to a small village in the mountains. Soon, an unknown infection starts to spread. It is unusual because the infected people become very violent and kill others. Jong-goo, a police officer, tries to find out who the culprit is when his daughter gets sick and someone tells him about an evil spirit. The Wailing has many twists, is complex, and will leave you second-guessing at every point.

6. Old Boy

Old Boy is one of the most popular Korean thriller movies. Released in 2005, Old Boy was a massive hit for its story. Old Boy is a movie that messes with your mind right from the beginning. After a drunk night, Oh Daesu is kidnapped and locked in a room for 15 years. One day, he wakes up on a rooftop after being sedated, and his kidnapper gives him five days to find the truth. The movie is very thrilling to watch as it makes you question everything. This film is a must-watch.

7. Parasite

Oscar award-winner Parasite is undoubtedly one of the most famous Korean movies. Bong Joon-ho directed the film, and it shows how different the lives of rich and poor people are. When Ki-woo becomes the tutor of a rich kid, he ropes his family to fool the wealthy family by bringing them to work. All is well until suddenly it is not. This movie will leave you surprised at every turn and twist. It is unsettling and chilling but comedic and will make your mind run miles thinking about the plot.

8. I Saw The Devil

I Saw the Devil is a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. When his fiancé gets killed by a serial killer, Soohyun is hell-bent on avenging her death and finds the killer. Soohyun becomes obsessed with his revenge plan and becomes questionable with his actions. It will capture your attention with the cat-and-mouse game they play. I Saw The Devil is a twisted and crazy movie that makes the audience guess what is right and what is not.

9. Burning

In Burning, Jongsu is a delivery man doing odd jobs who aspires to be a writer. One day, he runs into Haemi, whom he knew from childhood. She asks him to take care of her cat for a while as she goes to Africa. Haemi comes back with a guy named Ben. When Ben tells Jongsu a secret, things unexpectedly start going down. By the end, it will leave you with many questions and thoughts, and if you like movies that get your thoughts running, this is a must-watch.

10. Midnight

In Midnight, Wi Hajoon plays Do-shik, a serial killer. One day, Kyungmi, a deaf woman, comes across Do-shik as he is leaving after killing someone and becomes his next target. Do-shik starts playing a cat-and-mouse game with her and her mother. At every point, Do-shik is ahead of the duo as they try to escape him. Do-shik is very cunning and manipulative, while Kyungmi and her mom are fearless. Midnight brings you to the edge of your seat in frustration and thrill.