Article: Top 10 Latest Chinese Dramas That Went Viral

Chinese dramas are popular comfort shows. With various genres, storylines, and great acting, Chinese dramas are popular and loved by people. From high school romance and action to historical drama, these shows are versatile and have a huge fanbase. The popularity of Chinese shows has steadily grown, and a few of the most viewed dramas of the year are from China. Not only are the storylines interesting, but Chinese dramas are known for the actors. These dramas have some of the best actors, who are very talented and have electric chemistry. Some Chinese dramas have gone viral this year. These dramas blew up because they connected with the audience. These dramas had charmed the audience, grabbed their attention, and left them wanting more. Let us look at the Top 10 dramas that went viral recently.

1. Hidden Love

It is no secret for anyone that Hidden Love is one of the most viral dramas of this year. The show has fan favorites Zhao Lusi and Chen Zhe Yuan. They steal the viewers' hearts and have good chemistry. In Hidden Love, young Sangzhi has a crush on her older brother's friend Duan Jiaxu. He is five years older, but she likes him from the moment she meets him. They lose contact for a while after his graduation. Years later, when Sangzhi goes to university in the same city as him, Jiaxu meets her again. He takes care of her, meets her often, and they get closer. As Sangzhi and Jiaxu get closer, we wonder about Jiaxu and his feelings and actions. Hidden Love is a heart-fluttering show, and the couple is adorable to watch.

2. When I Fly Towards You

Su Zai Zai is a cheerful student who transfers to a new school. On her first day, she falls in love at first sight with the mysterious Zhang Lurang. He is intelligent, famous, and confident. But as they become friends, she discovers about the shy Lurang who never spoke too much. Lurang was always compared to his brother, who is considered a genius, by his mother. She brings Lurang out of his shell, and their friends form new friendships. As Zai Zai, Lurang, and their friends become closer and support each other, feelings emerge in the purest ways. When I Fly Towards You is a sweet tale of friendship and first love.

3. You Are Desire

You Are Desire is a very different and refreshing show. During high school, Yujing's parents got a divorce. Her father moves in with another woman in a new city, and Yujing joins a school there. At school, she meets her seatmate Shen Juan, known for his temper, and the two become friends soon. But they are separated before anything can happen between them. The two promised each other that they would go to the same university. When they later join university, not knowing if the other would be at the same one, they meet again, and love blossoms. The plot is realistic and funny, and the couple are adorable to the audience.

4. Here We Meet Again

Here We Meet Again is a cute office romance. Xiang Yuan meets her school crush, Yan Shi, while she tries to save a company. Yan Shi struggles at work and tries to pursue his dream. As Xiang Yuan tries to solve the problem and save the company, they get closer and support each other while slowly falling in love.

5. Longest Promise

The Longest Promise is a Xianxia romance that went viral as it started. Crown Prime Shi Ying of the Kong Sang clan gets framed for killing his father's concubine, and everyone but Zhu Yan of Chi Clan wants him dead. To save him, his mother sends him to the High Priest of Jiu Yi Mountain. Shi Ying practices cultivation in the mountains, pretending to be dead to the world. He later meets Zhu Yan, who ends up as his student, and they both try to fight the attraction they feel due to their teacher-student dynamic. They are opposites but come together to maintain peace in their region. The acting and chemistry made this show viral.

6. The Starry Love

The queen of the human tribe gives birth to twin girls. The gentle older twin Qing Kui is betrothed to a heavenly prince, while the intelligent and cunning Ye Tan is to marry a demon prince. The two end up married to the wrong princes due to confusion. Unexpectedly, romance starts to bloom between the two couples. Starry Love became famous because of its comedy-infused Xianxia plot.

7. The Love You Give Me

Fate brings estranged lovers Min Hui and Xin Qi back together at a business event years after their painful breakup. In the past, Min Hui and Xin Qi planned to get married, but a misunderstanding drove them apart. They begin talking again, and old feelings resurface, taking the audience on a romance and comedy-filled ride. This show was a big hit due to its balanced story and the chemistry between the leads.

8. Unchained Love

Xiao-Duo and his revenge bring him to become the head of the Zhao Ding Division, and soon, he becomes the Emperor's right hand. He schemes with a guy and makes him the new Emperor so that Duo can manipulate him. The new guy ends up liking the previous Emperor's concubine. While he tries to take revenge, he starts to fall for Yun Lou, whom he tries to use for his revenge, in a twist of fate.

9. Till The End Of The Moon

Li Susu is an immortal. When demons take over mortals and cultivators, all the elders believe that someone must go to the past and stop the demon king from transforming and dominating the world. Susu takes up the mission to time travel 500 years back. Susu travels to the past to prevent Tantai Jin, a captive prince, from becoming the Demon Lord. Susu pretends to be a mortal who is married to the captive prince. The demon lord will destroy life and massacre many in the future, destroying four continents and three realms, so Susu does her best to stop him. Unexpected news unravels while she is on her mission to stop him.

10. Three Body

When a nanomaterials expert sees a mysterious countdown, the military comes to investigate him. He plays a VR game called Three-Body, made by ETO, a secret organization, and tries to learn more about the mystery. Through the game, he discovers the truth behind the deaths of dozens and reveals what took place in the past.