Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Of Chen Zhe Yuan

If you enjoy watching Chinese dramas, you've probably heard of the gifted and multifaceted Chen Zhe Yuan. In the Asian entertainment industry, Chen Zhe Yuan has left a lasting impression thanks to his enthralling performances and unmistakable charisma. Here is a compiled list of the top 10 Chen Zhe Yuan Chinese dramas you must not miss, regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan or are just beginning to explore his work.

1. Hidden Love

Duan Jia Xu, the boy who frequently visits Sang Zhi's home to play games in her older brother's room, wins Sang Zhi's heart. She is his five-year senior. When Sang Zhi was younger, she developed a crush on Duan Jia Xu, but for some reason, they stopped talking to one another. They gradually fall in love as they contact closely and intimately daily at the university in the city where he lives after she graduates. A fairytale story that everyone desires to happen in real life.

2. Mr. Bad

The protagonist of Nan Xing, a lady who works as an online novelist, is modeled after Lu Zi Chen, her hero. A crafty and deceitful martial artist named Xiao Wu Di serves as the main antagonist. When Nan Xing makes a wish for "unforgettable love" at the fairy pond one day, the antagonist of the tale, Xiao Wu Di, unexpectedly materializes in front of him. Xiao Wu Di found him despite his attempts to flee and threatened to take care of him. Unfortunately for him, Nan Xing's request has a particular ability that enables Xiao Wu Di to grant his wish whenever he needs assistance.

3. Handsome Siblings

A story of twin brothers who were separated at birth but later became skilled fighters. Despite being brought up to exact revenge on one another, they soon discover that they are becoming close. As they search for their inner identities, they make a commitment to control the martial arts world. The Ten Great Villains raised Jiang Xiao Yu, also known as Xiao Yu Er, in the Valley of the Villains. Princess Yao Yue looked after Hua Wu Que as she grew up in Yi Hua Palace. Jiang Feng was the object of Princess Yao Yue's one-sided passion, and she desired vengeance on him. She raised the twins separately from one another in the hopes that they would become rivals and engage in conflict.

4. Our Secret

Ding Xian and Zhou Si Yue's childhood love endures from high school to college. Zhou Si Yue, the superior and obnoxious campus god, is brilliant. He sits beside the adorable and cheeky "Cinderella girl," Ding Xian. Although they couldn't stand each other at first, they learn to respect each other's positive traits via their daily contact and become lifelong friends as they navigate youth.

5. Hello Dear Ancestors

Zhen Jun is pushed down a cliff during the Han Dynasty during a struggle for control over his family. Zhen Jun is put into a refreshing, deep slumber after being prevented from falling to his death by a being from space. Zhen Jun wakes up in 2020 to discover that his extended hibernation has given him superhuman skills. Now begins a time travel adventure.

6. Renascence

In the 12th century, Da Chu's country was on the verge of war, and corruption and intrigue were rampant at the Imperial court. The evil Emperor plans to assassinate Empress Yao Mo Xin, and they are successful in their nefarious endeavors. The younger sister of the Empress, Yao Mo Wan, is being pursued by various vengeful parties. The dead queen's ghost inhabits the body of her younger sister on a mysterious night to exact revenge on those who wronged and poisoned her to death. Yao Mo Wan's body is the Empress, who joins the Imperial Court, determined to exact revenge. She also meets Ye Jun Qing, a young Da Chu prince, whom she falls in love with.

7. The Princess And The Werewolf

Upon awakening, Princess Qi Pa discovers that she has been taken into the fascinating and bizarre world of the Beast-Turning Tribe. She is forced into marrying Kui Mu Lang, the Beast-Turning King. Despite Qi Pa's continuous attempts to flee, Li Xiong causes more trouble in her life. Kui Mu Lang and Li Xiong both only show up at certain times of the day. Unbeknownst to Qi Pa, she has discovered a startling Beast-Turning Tribe secret. Qi Pa, who is as lively and cruel as she is, gradually wins the Wolf King's respect.

8. Dark Night And Dawn

An explosion in Shanghai in 1943 set up the first skills competition between policeman Lin Shao Bai and Communist undercover member Lu Zheng Yang. Six years after Shanghai was liberated, Lu Zheng Yang, now a member of the Public Security Bureau, hired Lin Shao Bai following a thorough recruitment process. In an endeavor to combat hostile operatives hidden in the shadows, the two teams steadily solve significant cases- the two change from being at odds all the time to becoming lifelong friends and allies.

9. The White Olive Tree

Song Ran, a female reporter from Liangcheng Satellite TV, encountered an unexpected peril while conducting interviews in the unrest-ridden East Country. Fortunately, she was saved by Li Zan, a Chinese explosive engineer who volunteered in the East Country. Li Zan felt remorse and took responsibility for his friend's passing during the blast. A photograph that was taken during the bombing attack made Song Ran contentious. They both experienced dual physical and psychological suffering. By coincidence, they crossed paths once more, and gradually, their lives began to turn around.

10. The Legend Of Zu Season 2

A story about a mysterious young heroine who searches for the legendary hero who previously saved her life. She and her brother are taken under the wing of Zu Mountain and set out on a mission to aid their people. Despite growing up together, Yu Ying Nan and her older brother Yu Ying Qi each have their secrets. Ying Nan is unaware that her brother discovered her when she was a tiny child and has forgotten everything about her. However, Ying Qi and his tribe members have been suffering from the Chihun Stone year after year and have been forced to live in a small settlement.