Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Featured Female Leads Who Rule Over Male Leads

Not only do boys become bosses, but girls do too. It’s exciting, isn’t it, when women become boss and sometimes order the men around them to do. Featuring that in mind, we will list the Top 10 Chinese Dramas featured female leads who rule over male leads.

1. Rattan

Despite their difficult beginning, Si Teng insists that Qin Fang help her restore her memories and understand reality in his current life. Si Teng learns what it is to live and love with Qin Fang by her side, yet the jumbled memories from her past never truly leave her.

2. Begin Again

Lu Fangning is the general manager of Luning Group, significant cooperation in the business home furnishing industry. Lu Fangning has all three: talent, beauty, and wealth. She urgently needs a husband with whom she can have a child. Unexpectedly, surgeon Ling Rui appears in front of her. She believes that Ling Rui is the ideal choice because of his good looks and angelic heart.

3. Something Just Like This

Tell the tale of two people who become childhood friends but whose personalities are very different due to their respective family backgrounds. Even though they regularly face difficulties and challenges in their personal and professional lives, Qian Xi Xi and Duan Ran decide to enter the e-commerce broadcasting industry.

4. Why Women Love

The story of Gu Jia Qin, a talented man who has no desire to take over the family business and only obeys his mother’s order to work as Zhao Jiang Yue’s assistant. As the two eventually come to realize their dreams and love for one another.

5. Stay With Me

Lee Wei Wei is a prominent fashion designer who is 30 years old. However, a near accident leads her to forget her memories of the past seven years. In her present life, Wei Wei is shocked that she has split up with her boyfriend, Chen Yi Do, and is now engaged to a guy she does not remember, Ki Chang. Unable to trust her life decisions, Wei Wei questions her decisions while Ki Chang tries to win back the love of his fiancee.

6. Negotiator

Tong Wei is a star executive of the US-China Business Council and a skilled commercial negotiator. He is engaged to represent Shia Xiaofe’s company interests at the negotiating table.  The sole heir of a prominent National corporation, Xiaofei, vents his frustrations on Tong Wei because he doesn’t want to be involved in the family business.

7. The Big Boss

Yey Mushi is a bright and active girl who is finally in her first year of high school. She is excited for the new school year because now she will finally be separated from her annoying childhood friend Liao Danye who was a handsome and intelligent guy. Hilariously she struggles to find her different group of students along with Liao Dan Yi.

8. My Roommate Is A Detective

The drama focuses on a trio from a small detective team that specializes in cracking strange and disturbing murder cases. Among this trio is a young woman named Bayou Ning, a focused female reporter for a daily newspaper. She is an independent, free-thinking young woman with a strong sense of justice and vows to help find the killer regardless of her job.

9. Oh Foreign General

This story is about a strong woman who married men. Despite his good looks, the prince is sicklily treated like royalty and spends his time on pointless artistic endeavors. The empress arranged the marriage out of worry that he might swap positions at any given opportunity, but the real struggle for who will rule this new family is about to get started.

10. Find Yourself

a love story between an accomplished career woman and a younger man fifa xing’s company is at risk of being acquired while a relationship with juan xiong faces societal pressures due to their age difference the consecutive blows in her work and love life puts her to an emotional quagmire and it is during this time that illuming enters her life being older in age he is mature stable and knowledgeable he becomes hifanshing’s life coach and the source of conflict between the couple for hiphancing it’s not merely a matter of choosing the man that she loves but considering the contradictions of adapting the traditional mindset on marriage as well.