Article: Top 10 Chick Flicks Of The Decade In Korean

There are some days when you need to get together with your girl friends, drink some wine and watch a chick flick together. If you are a K-drama and Korean film lover, you are at the right place. These Korean films always win our hearts by the cute visuals and heart warming acting. The songs are no doubt total bangers. But doesn't it get tedious to spend hours searching for the right film? We have brought together the top 10 Korean chick flicks of the decade. Get some popcorn and your girls to watch some amazing films on your weekend nights.

1. 200 Pounds Beauty

The musical romantic comedy chick flick, 200 Pounds Beauty is adapted from the Japanese Manga Kanna's Big Success!. The films tells the story of an overweight singer whose face isn't known to the public. She decides to undergo plastic surgery to become slim and more famous in the singing industry.  The girl is also in love with a music-producer. Basically a one-sided-love. Sad, right? But our girl comes back after one year as a new girl with angelic looks and becomes very popular because of her beauty and voice.


2. My Sassy Girl

The Korean Classic, My Sassy Girl, is actually based on real life events posted on a blog channel. This classic is considered to be a major hit of all time. The film revolves around a college going guy who meets a drunken girl in a subway. The girl's behavior is quite strange and funny. Everyone assumes them to be a couple. The boy eventually falls in love with the Sassy Girl


3. My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts (aka Spellbound)

This one is a horror romantic comedy about a girl named Yeo Ri who has the superpower of seeing ghosts from a very young age. She is always surrounded by strange things because of her special ability.  She decides to stay lonely until she meets a magician. She likes his shows and both of them start developing feelings for each other slowly.


4. Windstruck

Windstruck is a prequel to My Sassy Girl. The film starts with Kyung Jin, a female police officer chasing a purse-snatcher. Unknowingly, she arrests a passer-by who is also trying to catch the culprit. The two of them are then assigned to patrol an area of young students. The Movie is a combination of comedy, drama, romance and a bit of action.


5. My Little Bride

This classic is about an arranged marriage which was decided by the couple's parents during the Korean War. The girl has to marry the guy even though she doesn't like him. Later, it is revealed that the boy secretly loves his bride. My Little Bride is a cliché romantic story which most of you will love.


6. Whatcha Wearin'?

Whatcha Wearin? is romantic comedy with a heart touching story. The film is about a relationship between a guy and a girl due to a mistake. The girl decides to have phone sex with her long- term boyfriend just to spice things up but ends up calling a random guy by mistake. Both of them start talking about other problems concerning their lives and become quite close. Guess what? They end up falling for each other.


7. My Tutor Friend

The film is about Su Wan, a college student works as a part time tutor. She always has a boring and tiresome experience with her students. But everything takes a turn when she meets the most unbearable student. The student makes her life really difficult and she gets on the edge of quitting her job. The troublemaker is also the most notorious student at his school. The story is actually based on real events based on the life of a English Literature student who posted her tutoring experiences online.


8. My Girlfriend Is An Agent

This film is a Korean version of Hollywood's Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Secret agents Ahn Soo-ji and Lee Jae- Joon are assigned to stop few Russians from deploying a weapon in South Korea. The agents are in a love-hate relationship but have to work together to accomplish the mission.


9. Love 911

Love 911 is a love story in which a doctor and a firefighter fall in love. Kang-il, a firefighter is not able to forget the loss of wife. Mi Soo, a cold-hearted doctor gets sued in a case and Kang-il is the only witness to prove her innocence. Both of grow closer as Mi Soo tries to win the case and get her medical license back with the help of Kang-il. The film is quite light-hearted with comedy and romance.


10. Two Faces Of My Girlfriend

Two Faces of My Girlfriend is about the life of a 30 year-old virgin, Gu Chang who is having financial problems. His boring life changes when he meets A-Ni, a girl with split personality disorder. The film beautifully depicts the mental heath problems. The beautiful and heart touching chemistry between the actors make the viewers love this film.