Article: Top Ten Chinese Actors Known For Their Roles In Movies, Not By Their Names

We fall in love with a fictional character played by actors in movies and series. Some characters become so iconic and legendary that we recognize the actors by the fictional character's identity and not their actual identity. The Chinese entertainment industry has been glowing due to its World Wide appeal. China has the world's second-largest film industry succeeding Hollywood as of 2021. Here is the list of Chinese actors who are known by the iconic and legendary characters that they played:

1. Jiang Wen

Jiang Wen is an actor, screenwriter, and director. Jiang wen has a military family background. Jiang Wen has acted in various genres. The actor-director–screenwriter, is known among the masses for his work. He has starred in multiple famous and iconic roles by which he found recognition, such as the melodrama Chun Tao, the romance drama In The Heat of The Sun, etc. In recent years, Jiang Wen has also starred in the Star Wars anthology film Rogue One (2016) as Blaze Malbus, which gathered recognition for the actor, so much so that people know him by the character mostly and not by his name.


2. Ge You

Ge You is an actor, born in April 1957. Ge You is known for his movies and personality. He is recognized with a bald shaven head. Ge You is the first Asian actor to win the Cannes Best Actor Award. He is well known for acting in the comedy genre. His significant role, which gained him wide recognition, was in If You Are TheOne, A World Without Thieves, Big Shot's Funeral, Cell Phone, and The Trouble Shooters.


3. Yang Yang

Yang Yang is an actor, born on 9 September 1991. Yang Yang has been gaining recognition for the roles he has played. The actor debuted with the lead role of JiaBaoyu in the television drama The Dream of Red Mansion, and it was one of the highest budgeted Chinese television drama series. The memorable roles he played for which he is popular were in The Left Ear, A Smile Is Beautiful, and Love 020.


4. Chen Daoming

Chen Daoming is an actor born on 26 April 1955. Chen Daoming is well known for playing historical roles in Chinese Television series and Movies. Chen Daoming is recognized for the role "Puyi" (the last Emperor of China) The Last Dynasty, a television series that aired in 1984. Chen Daoming is best known for the role of King of Qin in the film Hero and for playing an undercover police detective in the movie Internal Affairs III.


5. Hu Ge

Hu Ge is an actor and singer. He is also known as Hugh Hu. Hu Ge has starred in many famous roles. He is renowned for his roles in the films, The Little Fairy, The Young Warriors, The Legend OF The Condor Heroes, The Disguiser. Hu Ge gained widespread recognition in his debut television series, Chinese Paladin. The actor has ranked 24th on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list for 2020.


6. Deng Chao

Deng Chao is an actor, comedian, director, and singer. Deng Chao gained recognition with The Young Emperor, a TV drama, and the military drama Happiness as Flowers. Deng Chao is well known among the masses due to the famous roles in his career. Among the highest-grossing Chinese films, Deng Chao has starred in The Breakup Guru, The Mermaid, and Duckweed.


7. Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng is an actor and singer. Li Yifeng gained widespread recognition for playing the protagonist " BailiTusu" in Sword of Legends. Li Yifeng is also known for the role of "ZhengKaisi" played in the film Animal World. Li Yifeng is also a successful singer and has released multiple full-length albums and EP.


8. Liu Haoran

Liu Haoran is an actor. He is the youngest actor to be included in this list. He is also known as Turbo Liu. Liu Haoran debuted with the romance film Beijing Love Story. Liu found fame for the lead role he played in Legend of the Demon Cat and for the part he played in the film Coffee Or Tea?


9. Shen Teng

Shen Teng is an actor, comedian, and director. Shen Teng is mainly known for his comedy film roles, rather than by his name. Shen Teng starred in the blockbuster comedy film Goodbye Mr. Loser, gaining household recognition. He has acted in several comedy films which made him famous among the nation, such as Never Say Die, Hi, Mom, etc.


10. Wen Zhang

Wen Zhang is an actor born on 26 June 1984. Wen Zhang gained fame for "Wang Xiaojian" in the comedy film Love is Not Blind. The film was a big commercial successful film. Notable films of Wen Zhang are Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons and the drama, Little daddy.