Article: Top 10 Celebrities Who Changed Their Name After Coming To Thai

The entertainment world is a cutthroat business where anybody and everybody is ready to tear you down since nothing is hidden from the eyes of the public. You can go from being a sensation to a laughing stock with just one bad comment or dig on you. Celebrities often change aspects of themselves, like their names to bring about a new start of good luck when they enter this world, and to prove this, here are the Top 10 Celebrities Who Changed Their Name After Coming To Thai.

1. Pancake Khemanit

Pancake Khemanit is a pageant model turned actress who has featured in I Need Romance, Sri Ayodhaya, Buang Hong, and Tawee Pope among others. Pancake first was called Pan Chayanin, a name she switched to Pancake Khemanit before participating in the Thai Super Model 2004 pageant.


2. Mint Natwara

Mint Natwara or Natwara Wongwasana is a famous actress known for Ngao Ruk Luang Jai, Luerd Ruk Toranong, Fai Lang Fai, and Mister Merman among other shows. Her birth name is actually Wanicha Wonwasana, which she exchanged for her current name before joining the entertainment industry.


3. Aum Patcharapa

Patcharapa Chaichua, better known by Aum Patcharapa, is a famous Thai sensation known to have been the first to start an entire perfume label based in France. This illustrious icon was first Nann Kaimook before she decided to change her name to her current one, Patcharapa Chaichua.


4. Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa needs no introduction, his films Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, SPL II: A Time for Consequences, and The Protector are Thai cult classics in the action genre. Tony Jaa was born Tatchakorn Yeerum but uses the name Tony Jaa for his international fans and Jaa Phanom for his native Thai fans.


5. Paula Taylor

Paula Taylor is a presenter and actress known for acting in the dramas True Love Next Door, Ruk Jung, The Little Comedian and Sexphone, and the Girl Next Door. Paula Taylor is actually an abbreviation of Punlapa Margaret Taylor, which she changed from her birthname Punlapa Supa-aksorn.


6. Lalisa

Thai-based pop star Lisa Manobal from hit K-POP girl group Blackpink needs no introduction. This star even solo debuted recently with her album Lalisa which broke several records on the internet. Her birth Thai name is Pranpriya Manobal, which she changed before starting her career in K-POP.


7. Noey Chotika

Chotika Wongwilas or Noey Chotika is an infamous Thai star known for her role as a villain in Invisible Friend. Noey has also starred in Ghost Mother, Game Rai Game Rak, Neung Nai Suang among others. Her birth name was Bow Wewaree which she switched to Noey Chotika after starting her acting career.


8. Patricia Good

Patricia Good is a budding Thai actress and model who featured in dramas like Girl From Nowhere: Season 2, Ded Peek Nang Fah, Kaen Sanaeha, Sai Lub Jub Abb, Lom Son Ruk, S.P.Y. I Love U among others. Her real name is Patupsorn Tanchanok Good and she was affectionately called Mongkut when she was young.


9. Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer is a household name in Thailand,  for featuring in box office hits like The Love of Siam, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Pee Mak, Low Season, and other films and dramas alongside prominent actresses. His previous names were Maurer Nutthawuth and Nutthawuth Suwannarat.


10. Ying Rhatha

Rhatha Phongam, better known to the masses as Ying Rhatha, was known for her spectacular role in Only God Forgives, an international film. She has starred in Hollywood's Mechanic: Resurrection as well. Her birth name was Ying Raweewan which she switched when she started acting.