Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas With Tragic Endings

Tragic Endings engrave in the audience’s heart forever. Whenever a K-drama ends on a sad and negative note, the audience gets disappointed and sad. They feel the pang of the character’s pain and emotions. Viewers usually watch Korean Dramas to escape the harshness and cruelty of real life. They love to watch light and fun dramas. They believe drams give them a reason to look forward to their uncertain future. It makes them hope for happy things as well. However, some dramas make them feel similar to a sad life. Life is sad most of the time and it becomes sadder when drama gets a tragic ending.

1. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is the latest addition to the drama that ended on a sad end. While Park Chang Ho succeeded in acquiring both fame and wealth, he lost someone more important to them. With the demise of his wife, he felt unbearable and never-ending pain. This shocked viewers as well, the ending was quite sad and unexpected for them.

2. Moon Lovers

Even though Moon Lovers flopped domestically, it wrecked the hearts of international fans. The international fans who have watched Moon Lovers are still anticipating season 2. They want a happy ending for the main leads which they couldn’t get in the first season. The fans bawled out their eyes at the demise of their favorite characters.

3. Hi Bye, Mama!

The drama ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’ is one of those underrated gems that will make you ugly cry in every episode. Every episode is full of different stories of humankind. The drama reflects the truth of life. It showcases how humans are terrible at keeping themselves consistent and often release the importance of their significant others when they are gone.

4. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna received mixed reactions from the audience regarding its ending. It showcases how people need not keep loving the same person for years. It makes us believe that people should themselves a second chance. They should open the doors for them. The drama, however, eventually ends on a sad note.

5. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty One Twenty Five Twenty-One is a coming-of-age drama that involves the love story between a fencing prodigy and a reporter. The drama showcases a series of heartwarming scenes. The drama emphasizes life in the 80s and 90s. It shows how life wasn’t easy even in those times. However, people were determined to fulfill their dreams.

6. All Of Us Are Dead Season 1

The fans have grieved several times while watching All of Us Are Dead. The people died in every episode. Some characters lost their parents or some friends. However, the heartbreaking part of the drama was that some even lose their humanity and morality. The seasons ended on a painful and tragic note.

7. Record Of Youth

Record of Youth starring Park Bo Gum and So Dam left the fans filled with sadness. The drama radiated comfort and healing. The drama showcased the struggle of leads trying to survive and fulfill their future. However, it left viewers heartbroken when the female lead decided to break up with the main lead.

8. Snowdrop

Snowdrop was a highly anticipated drama among fans because of the main lead Jisoo. The drama took viewers back to the 90s when lovers had to meet in secret and when men weren’t allowed in hostels. The period where radio was the source of music and love blew in the purest form. However, it has a tragedy where the love interest of Young-ro played by Jisoo died for her.

9. Youth Of May

Youth of May revolves centers around the fight for justice and protest done by the students at Gwanju. The drama revolves around the love story of Hwang Tae and Myung Hee in the month of May. The loving birds decide to spend time together for the entire of may. Unfortunately, Myung Hee meets an untimely death. The ending wrecked the viewer’s heart.

10. Mr. Sunshine

Mr.Sunshine is another underrated drama that needs to be talked about. The drama focused on patriotism and how Joseon was occupied and colonized by foreign rulers. The drama showcased the pure love story between Lady Ae Sin and Eugene Choi. The drama made the viewers cry when it ended on a tragic note.