Article: Top 10 Reason To Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo On Netflix

In the past few years, we have seen gems in the world of K-Drama. We started from Squid Game to Netflix's latest drama that has won over the heart of many fans. With a slight twist, k-Netizens have been in the constant buzz of the new lawyer-based show on Netflix. Extraordinary Attorney Woo stars Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae-Oh in the lead roles.

It follows the daily life of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) as an attorney at Hanbada Law Firm.

The twist here is Attorney Woo is autistic. So the show aims to navigate life from the eyes of a neurodivergent person blessed with extraordinary gifts.

1. Talks About Autism

Extraordinary Attorney Woo focuses on the character Woo Young Woo (played by Park Eun Bin), who was diagnosed with autism when she was a child. However, this doesn't throw her off since she has an extraordinary talent for law. The pilot episode shows her as an attorney who joins her first day at work at Hanbada Law Firm. Each episode features her dealing with a new case with her team members.

2. Good Teams Are The Best Teams

The best part of the show is how the coworkers around Woo Young Woo warm up to her as the show progresses. Her senior and mentor at work, Jung Myeong Seok (played by Kang Ki-Young), didn't like her at first. Because of her quirks and habits, he finds her weird. However, he changes his opinion about Young Woo when he sees her working. Finally, he understands how good of a lawyer she is. And why Hanbada needs a lawyer like her.

3. Park Eun Bin's Show-Worthy Performance

Fans who have watched various K-dramas for years aren't shocked and Park's performance. Park Eun Bin has previously performed stellar roles. Such as a struggling violinist in Do You Like Brahms and more. She plays the role of Woo Young Woo to perfection.

From behavioral cues to portraying emotions from the perspective of a neurodivergent character. She has left all viewers in awe of her skillful acting. And the episode ratings are proof of that.

4. Each Episode Has A New Case

Shows that circle around an occupation or career usually have episodic stories. Similar to how Hospital Playlist had serial cases involving the doctors. Each Episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo features a new topic at the firm's hand.

The episodes tackle various issues, from North Korean Defectors to saving trees that are Korean Treasure. Watching how Attorney Woo navigates her way through the cases is fun. A fun element of the episodes is how a whale dances in the back of Young Woo's head when she has a breakthrough.

5. Look At A Lawyer's Life

The show goes through new cases in each episode. We are also shown the struggles and work-life dilemmas an attorney goes through. The show's side character Choi Su- Yeon (Yoon-Kyeong Ha), practically lives in her office all day.

Young Woo struggles to understand the concepts of Morality. And also can't understand the difference between a lie and truth and struggles between cases. There is also no work-life balance in the life of attorneys. Jung Myeong-Seok, the team leader of the rookie attorneys, is shown to fall sick due to the neglect of his health caused by work. But don't worry, he recovers!

6. Kang Tae Oh Is A Swoon-Worthy Boyfriend

The show deals with the sensitive topic of autism. An even more sensitive issue is when the subject of romance and love comes to people with autism. Usually, people that have autism have a hard time following social cues and understanding emotions.

But worry not, because Kang Tae Oh (playing Lee Jun Ho in the show) just took the crown of the best boyfriend ever home! He is all the green flags that you look for in a man. The on-screen chemistry between Lee Jun Ho (the love interest of Woo Young Woo) and Woo Young Woo is so beautifully put together. Jun Ho is patient with Young Woo and helps her understand her emotions. He listens to her talk about whales during lunch. And most importantly, he likes her just the way she is.

7. Amazing Chemistry Between Side Characters

Romance is blooming! Not just between our main leads but also their respective best friends. The side characters are also rookie attorneys at Hanbada Law Firm. Choi Su- Yeon is best friends with Woo Young Woo and Kwon Min-Woo, who is roommates with Lee Jun Ho. They start as enemies who are constantly bickering and hate each other. However, as the show progresses towards its climax, they seem to catch feelings for each other.

8. Not Your Typical Second Lead

Choi Su Yeon is a rookie attorney working at the Hanbada Law Firm. She is a talented and passionate attorney and also a kind friend to Young Woo. Also, she pretends to be annoyed at Young Woo's whale talk but is always trying to look out for her.

Su-Yeon is initially shown to be holding a crush on Lee Jun Ho. However, she goes out of her way to make Young Woo realize her feelings for the man and even roots for both of them. It is genuinely refreshing to see a kind second lead like her astray from the regular second lead females in K-Dramas.

9. Make This Your New Comfort Show

The show is lighthearted and fun to watch. It can easily be your next TV show to binge- watch on the weekend. The butterfly romance, new stories in each episode, and excellent plot and story-writing will keep you engaged. Netizens have given enough positive reviews to know that the show has something extraordinary. It will undoubtedly become your new comfort show for a while.

10. It Has A Second Season!

And here is the best part! Although typically, most K-Dramas don't renew their shows for a second season. That is certainly not the case for Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The show's director has confirmed that it will return for a second season.

The new season will possibly be in 2024 since the show's male lead, Kang Tae Oh is going on his military service. The show will resume shooting for its second season once Tae Oh returns from his enlistment.