Article: Top 10 Fresh On-Screen Couples Of Japanese Drama

When people watch Japanese Dramas, they can’t stop themselves from shipping onscreen couples. They start hoping the onscreen couples become real-life pairs too. Many comic series and even series based on fantasy gave birth to these onscreen couples. The viewers are dedicated while supporting the leading characters who have actively helped to make the series successful. The viewers indulge in making fan pages and edits that help to increase the popularity of the fresh faces not only as couples but also individually. These onscreen couples give butterflies in our stomachs and touch our sentiments.

10. Renn Kiriyama And Sakurako Konishi

The leads give peak performance in the series Love is Phantom. Sakurako plays Momoko, the gullible employee at an expensive hotel. Momoko’s boring love life takes a wild turn when she meets a stranger( Renn Kiriyama). Tomoko finds herself at a crossroads because the more she tries to distance herself from him, the closer they end up coming.

9. Jin Shirasu And Mayu Yokota

In the hugely popular rom-com Can't Run Away from Love, the leads become from rivals to lovers. Mayuu finds herself in a difficult situation with her bills overdue. She takes up a part-time job where Jin Shirasu plays a strict boss. As time passes, sparks turn into flames.

8. Totsuka Shota And Takada Kaho

In the romantic series, Rinko-san Wants to Try, Totsuka and Takada are wedding planners. They are surrounded by couples but never had a single romantic experience.  They realize their shared pain. The duo fascinates the viewers with their romantic chemistry.

7. Nakamura Yurika And Takezai Terunosuke

The duo is perfectly cast for the rom-com Buchou to Shachiku no Koi Modokashii. Nakamura plays a workaholic who falls in love with her manager, played by Takezai. The office romance is memorable because of the chemistry between the leads. We would love to see the duo work together again.

6. Fukushi Sota And Yamamoto Mizuki 

Fukushi Sota as Toyama Mitsuru and Yamamoto Mizuki as Sasahara Tsubaki in rom-com Hoshi Kara Kita Anata have fantastic chemistry. Fukushi is an alien hiding his identity and working as a professor. On the other hand, Yamamoto is a famous actress who is full of herself.

5. Shinohara Ryoko And Iwata Takanori

In the series Kingyo Tsuma, Shinohara plays Sakura, who is a victim of domestic violence. Iwata plays Toyoda Haruto, who is the owner of the goldfish shop. Sakura confides in Toyoda and starts falling in love. The leads fit in this drama that features vulnerability.

4. Mitsushima Hikari And Satoh Takeru

Mitsushima and Satoh as Noguchi Yae and Namiki Harumichi, respectively, in First Love: Hatsukoi. The plot captures the essence of unforgettable first love. The leads try to revisit their past. They have extraordinary chemistry and fit perfectly for the roles.

3. Tamamori Yuta And Nakamura Anne

The romantic series Nice Flight! is about Kurata Sui and Shibuya Mayu, played by Tamamori and Nakamura, respectively. Kurata is a pilot, and Shibuya is an air traffic controller. Kurata is in love after hearing the air traffic controller’s voice and is on a quest to find her. Kurata is outgoing, but Shibuya is an introvert, but true love conquers all. The leads make a great pair together.

2. Miho Kanno And Masato Sakai

Masato Sakai plays Emonnosuke Tsunayoshi and Miho Kanno plays Tokugawa Tsunayoshi in the movie The Castle of Crossed Destinies. The movie is a period drama where 3,000 men try to lure Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. They became people's favorite onscreen couple in this movie.

1. Oguri Shun And Yamada Yu

In the series, Binbo Danshi, Oguri Shun plays Koyama Kazumi, who gives more importance to things other than money. He gets employed and meets Yamada Yu, who plays Mimi Nakahara and is in debt. They both fall in love while escaping from the challenges of life.