Article: Top 10 Traumatizing Dramas

K-dramas are effective at pulling us in emotionally; they may be anything from happy, feel-good programs that inspire us to smile to heartbreaking tragedies that leave many of us sobbing. These shows just get under our skin and make us feel, for better or worse. The ability of some of the most intriguing and highly rated dramas to raise the temperature while keeping you amused and worried is a clear trend. We still cannot cease binge-watching them, though, can we? LOL, that's how addicted they are.

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers starts when a heartbroken girl sitting around the sea gets transported to the Goryeo dynasty. She then wakes up as Hae-soo, cousin of the wife of wang wuk, 8th prince. Hae Soo gets involved with politics while trying to get to know them. Now, Hae Soo unwittingly becomes a pawn in the struggle to claim the throne, as several princes fall in love with her. Let us witness how Hae-soo ends up and how her time travel ends.

2. Penthouse

Penthouse is a thriller, mystery drama that, describes the life of three high-society women. Hera's palace is full of secrets. Sim Su Ryun and Cheon Seo Jin were both born wealthy, while Oh Yoon Hee has struggled to reach hera and plans to become the queen of the penthouse. Meanwhile, A murder at Hera place leaves everyone shocked. Greed is the biggest evil. Murder shakes things, leaving a mother questioning her place at Hera’s. Let us see how things move further and get in-depth about the murder that happened at a high society of Hera.

3. Flower Of Evil

Although Baek Hee Sung established a happy family life and successful career, he has hidden a dark secret from his family. He is a loving husband and caring father. However, things changed when his wife, Ji Won, a homicide detective, started investing in a serial killer group whose ties lie 15 years ago. Hee-sung gets alarmed and starts acting suspicious, which makes his wife question things. Now, when Ji Won gets to the root cause, what will this mean for their happy family?

4. Uncontrollably Fond

In their younger days, Joon Young and no eul used to be in love. However, because of unfortunate events, they needed to go on their way. As the drama progresses, Joon Young reaches heights and is now a superstar actor and singer, while no eul has become a producer-director. Their paths cross again, and Joon Young is startled by this new materialistic No Eul. No Eul has stopped believing in justice, and Joon Young is stressing over his health. Is there any hope in their relationship?

5. All Of Us Are Dead

All of us are dead demonstrates a zombie attack on a school. Students go into survival mode while the whole town gets affected. All of Us Are Dead is an adequate combination of romance, tragedy, and trauma. The students navigate this outbreak while enduring the agony of losing loved ones losing their loved ones. Meanwhile, the Korean military works to isolate the outbreak and protect the country from a larger outbreak. Let us see how this drama progresses would the students survive this crisis despite the government neglecting them?

6. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

This emotional story describes mental health issues and deals with the trauma patterns of our main leads. Moon Kang Tae is working in a psychiatric ward and Ko Moon Young is a writer of children’s literature however, because of antisocial personality disorder, she is arrogant., selfish, and rude. Moon Gang Tae denies love, whereas Ko Moon Young doesn’t realize it. Two of them defy fate and fall in love, struggling with the issues and differences in personalities. Let us see how this love story unfolds and how they will put their differences aside to be together.

7. Snowdrop

Snowdrop was set up, in 1987. During this period, South Korea was governed by a dictator. Events take a drastic turn, so Ho jumps into university, covered in blood, young to take care of him.  She was startled to know his secret. No matter how much it pains him to watch over young Ro, he has to follow the commands to save his teammates and reunite with his sibling back in his home country. How long will they protect each other, and if Soo Ho succeeds, how will things settle between them?

8. Youth Of May

Youth of May describes the Gwangju uprising, Hee Tae and Myung Hee end up falling in love. While Hee Tae is forced to go on a blind date because of a deal with his father, Myung Hee takes the place of her friend amidst the heated passion and cries of democracy Myung Hee and Hee Tae find themselves in the twist of fate. How will they be together amidst the crisis?

9. Glory

This thriller drama takes you down the dark revenge path. Moon Dong-eun, a high school student dreams of becoming an architect. However, she had to drop her plan as she had to drop out of school due to brutal school violence. Dong-eun waited for the perpetrator to settle and have a kid, as she had plans. That child is now an elementary school student, that’s when she became her homeroom teacher. Will she use a kid to get back at the bullies? Will her plan even work, or will she be left struggling again?

10. Extraordinary You

How would you feel if you were a side character in a comic, Disgusting, right? Eun Dan Oh, a high school student suffers from a lifelong heart condition that is inevitable. Which means that she won’t survive her teenage years. Dan-oh realizes that her actions are predetermined by the artist drawing her, and Dan-oh wants to take control of her hands. She is now determined to find true love in her plotline. Let us go on a journey with her to see how her fate moves, and will she be able to take her life into her own hands?