Article: Top 10 College Life Dramas

University is a whole new experience. This is the first step towards your career as well as love. Being in university means you are getting mature and becoming an adult. High school is one of my favorite troupes to watch, but if you are looking for a bit of mature drama, then you are in good hands, here is some drama that involves college life experience. These are some dramas that you can relate to if you go to college. Surely, college life is hectic but also fun. If high school drama attracts you, but you have outgrown your love for it. Now’s the time to binge on university-level dramas.

1. My Id Is Gangnam Beauty

The drama starts when Kang Mi-rae gets admitted to university. Kang Mi-rae got plastic surgery to be beautiful as she was bullied for the same, but little did she know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, that’s how male lead Do Kyung-seok is. However, history repeats itself, and Kang Mi Rae is again tagged as Gangnam Beauty, this is when our cold and distant Kyung Seok protects Mi Rae’s image and gradually starts falling in love with her. Now, will Mi Rae overcome her insecurity and be with Kyung Seok, or things will get messed up?

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This play is vibrant and lighthearted. Kim Bok Joo is not your typical romantic protagonist; instead of being fragile and beautiful and waiting for their prince charming to save them, Kim Bok Joo lifts weights and can save her prince charming in an emergency. Bok Joo, like every athlete, dreams of being in the Olympics. Then she met, Jung Joon-hyung. After several incidents, they realized that they were childhood besties. Now, will this childhood friendship turn to love, or will their career hinder their union? Bok Joo and Joon Hyung are athletes and value their game before anything. Would they be able to make time for the other, or the other will be on standby?

3. Go Back Couple

A drama that involves suspense, time travel, and romantic and emotional aspects, Go Back Couple is the choice. This drama begins with 38 years married, married unhappy couple. Choi Ban-do is the job holder, and Ma Jin Joo is the low-confident housewife. As days pass, both regret marrying each other as they fall out of love. One day, they woke up as their 20-year-old self. Now, they are given another chance at love. Will they give up on each other, or will they fight for what they have and get back with each other?

4. Kiss Scene In Yeonnamdong

Yoon Sol has been waiting for her first kiss for a long time. Yoon Sol is a kiss expert, while her best friend has always prevented anyone from kissing Yoon Sol. The kiss scene in Yeonnamdong means 'Who kissed her that night?'. Yoon Sol had a tough day, so she was drinking with her friends when someone kissed her. Sol couldn’t remember a thing from that night because she was high. Now, Yoon Sol is on the lookout for the guy who kissed her. The kiss scene in Yeonnamdong is a fun drama.

5. Police University

This is not a clique romance university drama rather it involves mystery and suspense. Police University will keep you on the edge of your seat. This drama starts when sun ho bumps into a jolly judo girl, Oh Kang Hee, and falls in love at first sight. Sun Ho sets his aim to get into the same university as Kang Hee and ends up at a police university. As the drama progresses, they go undercover with their professor who is a detective turned professor. These missions get exciting they keep us on the edge of our chair.

6. At A Distance, Spring Is Green

This is a modern-age college story that shows the difficulties faced by students. Finding a true friend is grinding. Nam Soo Hyun and Yeo Joon become friends regardless of their distinct personalities. Kim Soo Bin is a sincere third-year student. What happens when Soo Bin comes into this newly formed friendship? How will their friendship stick when love blooms?

7. Dear M

An anonymous feed brings chaos to Seoyeon University. The anonymous post had the letter Dear M, which brought about suspicion. Thus, four friends take the initiative to uncover the truth of M. As the drama progresses, the four find themselves in complicated relationships and budding romance. Will these four be able to get to the root, or will this remain a secret?

8. Heartstrings

This is a musical and magical drama, that is set up at Art University. Lee Shin is pursuing modern music, whereas Lee Kyo Won is seeking a degree in traditional Korean instruments. Lee Shin is the vocalist of a band that is quite popular among kids. Kyo Won attended his concert because her friends forced her. However, she was immediately captivated by him. With extreme differences between them, can Lee Shin and Kyo Won make things work?

9. Age Of Youth

Age of Youth will show you the worth of female friendships. Five college girls decided to share a house. Though these five have a clash in personalities, they manage to live together and become each other’s support system. The drama shows their challenges and incidents dealing with relationships with college life while having fun. As this drama progresses, it will get relatable as it shows the struggle of leaving your home. Everyone wants to be successful, but there’s a price to pay.

10. Queen Of Ring

Nan Hee is considered ugly and often feels excluded. One day, she received a family secret magical ring. This ring transformed Nan Hee into a beautiful girl. Park Se Gun, the popular guy on campus, confesses his interest in Nan Hee due to her looks. However, Nan Hee is socially inapt and violent, so Se Gun falls in love with Nan Hee. However, what will happen if the truth gets revealed? Will Se Gun accept her, or will she remain just another girl in his life?