Article: Top 10 Korean Influencers

Korea is getting popular, and Korean culture has always excited us while watching dramas. Everyone wants a Korean glass skin. Various influencers demonstrate Korean culture and give us insights about Korea beyond K-dramas. As there are several influencers, it’s difficult to match your interests. These content creators have gained an immense following on social media for their style and talent. Frequently, they work with brands to create sponsored ads, and their followers often look up to them for fashion trends and lifestyle advice.

1. Irene Kim

Irene Kim is an American model, beauty, and fashion journalist. Irene has a wide following of about 2.9M on Instagram. Her feed is related to fashion trends and skincare advice. Irene Kim was born to South Korean parents. She is fluent in English and Korean. The Instagram handle of irene is @ireneisgood. Irene once stirred the internet with her rainbow-dyed hairstyle. Irene is also an ambassador of big brands such as Chanel, Dior, etc. Irene Kim inspires many girls with her fashion sense.

2. Jun yuh

Jun Yuh is a biomedical engineer who inspires students to study. Jun Yuh’s feed is about motivational content for students who strive for academic success. He has also published a book named Guide to Academic Success. Jun Yuh is a great scientist, entrepreneur, and creator while maintaining physical and mental health. Jun Yuh has attracted around 3.1M people. His Instagram handle is @jun_yuh. Follow him while he inspires you daily to get better academically.

3. Doobydobap

Through dramas, we all have developed an interest in Korean cuisine. Doobydobap is our favorite food blogger. Tina Choi is a content creator, recipe developer, and food scientist. Her feed is full of delicious food and some unique recipes. Tina Choi has a recipe for everything whether you need a midnight snack or you are a rookie, Tina has got us covered. Doobydobap also follows trends. Tina has attracted about 917k people and is inspiring them. Her Instagram handle is @doobydobap. Tina has made Korean food to be known widely.

4. Euddeum Shim

Fitness is a crucial component of an individual’s life. Euddem Shim is a 33-year-old fitness influencer. Euddem Shim is very active on YouTube and has various playlists for workouts. She is a pilates trainer. She is known for her apple buts and toned butt. Eudden has revolutionized Korean beauty standards. Earlier, shim was a bodybuilder. She challenged Korean society by proving that girls are not fragile. Euddem holds various large-scale group sessions where people can learn basic fitness routines to perform at home and get healthy. Her Instagram handle is @euddeume_

5. God Jina

DJ Jina is the hottest, influential social media star. Jina grew up in a small country and worked in finance and banking before chasing her dream. As one of the top models, she graced us with covers in the Philippines and Indonesia. Jina has been a regular face of One Championship. She is widely known as Ring Girl of the Year. Jina does some live streams through YouTube and Bigo. She has about 700k followers, and her Instagram feed has some DJ gigs and hot, daring photos. Her Instagram handle is @djjina_offical

6. Jeon Changha

Jeon Changha was an engineering student who started creating content. Later, as of now, he is an actor-singer. Jeon Changha is a South Korean model and a social media star. He is well known for his TikTok and YouTube videos. He has several followers on Instagram, 3.9M people are under his spell. Jeon Changa is a charismatic man. His feeds include male fashion and trends. His Instagram handle name is @chang._.a

7. Lafan

Lafan is a top gaming influencer. Lafan has a wide popularity of 337k. Lafan expresses his love for vintage games. His Instagram feed is full of old-school games such as Pepsiman from 1999, doom from 1995, Indianapolis from 1989, and so on. He posts about recent games such as Call of Duty. Lafan has collaborated with many brands, and one name was Playstation, the international gaming company. Sometimes, he also posts soothing guitar covers. Lafan inspires many young people.

8. Enjoy couple

Enjoy couple has been dating for almost ten years. The couple is married now. They started their channel in 2017 and have around 2.26M followers. They share fun stuff and are known as comedian couples. The couples upload videos of themselves doing everything from eating and dating to pulling pranks on each other. Their channel is picked as the #1 couple YouTubers in South Korea.  Enjoy couple account is handled by couple Mindu and Lara. Koreans love this couple and receive love for their relationship. People aspire to have relationships like them. Their feed gives off purely positive vibes. Their Instagram handle is @enjoycouple and they have an immense following of 437k. Minu and Lara are so cute, and they complement each other.

9. Yoojung Lee

Yoojung Lee is an admired dancer and influencer.  Yoojung Lee has over 1.8m video views on YouTube and 454K Instagram followers. She is popular among Koreans. Yoojung Lee likes K-pop, dance, and clothing. Her audience has common loyalty to Kokopie and Yesstyle. Yoojung’s dance routine is found on 1Million Dance Studio’s YouTube channel. Korean dance is recognized for its versatile nature and Yoojung's choreography is the cherry on top. Her Instagram handle is @yoojunglee11. Yoojung makes dance effortless.

10. Hyungwook Kang

Hyungwook Kang is a professional dog trainer. He went from being the son of a dog breeder to being the president of dogs. From a very young age, he has traveled to various countries to learn dog training and develop his skills. He regularly posts content about his adventure with sweet and reliable paw pals. Oftentimes, he shares tips and tricks for training dogs at home. Hyungwook has also trained the pets of some popular K-pop idols. He mentioned Yeontan, taehyung’s dog is great. He is a part of a TV program named Dogs Are Incredible. This TV program also won the award for covering hot real issues.