Article: Top 10 Best Female Korean Screenwriters

The success of a Korean Drama not only depends on the famous actors and visuals. It prominently depends on the story and plotline formulated by the writer. A writer is like a soul and the backbone of a drama. The writer forms the characters, their personalities, and beautiful dialogues. They are responsible for all the K-drama clichés and twists. If something goes right or wrong, it is all thanks to the writer. There are many versatile and talented female screenwriters in South Korea such as Kim Eun Hee, Hong Sisters, and many more. Here is the list of the top 10 female Korean Screenwriters.

1. Hong Mi Ran And Hong Jeung Eun

Hong Mi Ran And Hong Jeung Eun are together named the Hong Sisters in the drama world. They are known for their fantasy-rom-com-comedy genre dramas. They can make the audience cry and laugh at the same time. Their projects are popular for tragic endings. They have written dramas such as Hotel Del Luna, A Korean Oddysey, You are Beautiful, Master’s Sun, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and their latest drama is Alchemy of Souls.

2. Kim Eun Sook

Kim Eun Sook is a phenomenal writer known for her fantasy dramas. She is all over the internet and fans can’t stop praising her works. She is known for her hit dramas such as Goblin, The Heirs, Mr.Sunshine, The King: Eternal Monarch, Secret Garden, and Descendants of the Sun. She is famous for dramas with dream-like endings.

3. Park Hae Young

The writer Park Hae Young falls into the most different and special genres of drama. She excels in writing slice-of-life genres where she depicts the life of ordinary people. She is known for writing many masterpieces such as My Mister, My Liberation Diary, Another Miss Oh, and many others. She has a separate fanbase among K-drama enthusiasts.

4. Park Ji Eun

The writer Park Ji Eun believes that you love your significant even if they are mermaids or a north Korean She is known for coming up with the most interesting worlds apart stories. She wrote many dramas such as Crash Landing on You, Legend of the Blue Sea, My Love from the Star, The Producers, and My Husband Got a Family.

5. Kim Eun Hee

If you are looking for a thrilling drama where bloodshed and death are the main themes of the dramas, then you should refer to Kim Eun Hee’s dramas. She is known for her dark and exciting dramas such as zombie drama Kingdom, Jirisan, Signal, Kingdom Season 2, Phantom, Sign, and Harvest Villa.

6. Noh Hee Kyung

Noh Hee Kyung is known for her healing approach to her writing. She is one of the most sought writers in South Korea. She recently wrote the slice-of-life drama ‘Our Blues’ which got international and domestic recognition. Our Blues was one of the highest-rated dramas in the first half of 2022. She has written other dramas such as It’s Okay, That’s love, Miracle, The Wind Blows, Dear My Friends, and many more.

7. Yoon Ji Ryun

Yoon Ji Ryun is known for writing two of the best dramas that are Boys Over Flower and Move to Heaven. She won many prestigious awards for creating different emotional stories for Move To Heaven. She excels in two different genres, one being bullying spread over in South Korea. The other deals with life in the most transparent and close manner.

8. Park Hye Ryun

Park Hye Ryun is a wicked writer who loves to play with the viewer’s heart. She creates some of the worst second lead syndromes for viewers. Kim Seon Ho’s Start-Up was her work and it created havoc among the audience. She has written many other dramas such as While You Were Sleeping, Pinnochio, Dream High, and I Hear Your Voice.

9. Lee Woo Jung

Lee Woo Jung is known for creating and exploring the heartwarming stories of different people. She is known for her creative outlook on life simply. She often involves the cameos of her dramas in her other dramas. She is known for creating many masterpieces such as Prison Playbook, Reply 1988, Reply 1994, Reply 1997, and Prison Playbook.

10. Jung Yoon Jung

Jung Yoon Jung is known for her dynamic approach to her writing. She doesn’t confine herself to a single genre. She explores everything, be it slice-of-life, historical, action, or any other genre. She is known for her dramas such as Misaeng: The Incomplete Life, Monster, Arang, The Magistrate, and Chosun Police Season 1 and 2.