Article: Ten K-Dramas About The Lives Of Actors

The entertainment industry is filled with people doing different jobs but actors get a lot of attention. Their lives are made public and it is difficult for them to have a normal lifestyle. Here are a few dramas that show the lives of actors.

1. Beauty Inside

‘Beauty Inside’ is a fantasy drama about Han Se Gye (Seo Hyun Jin), who suddenly transforms into different people. As she is an actress and has to stay hidden because of her transformations, there are many rumours about her personal life. While going through all yhis she meets a man who can’t recognise faces.


2. Shooting Stars

The drama is about the people in ‘Starforce Entertainment,’ a company in the entertainment industry. Kim Young Dae stars as Gong Tae Sung, a star actor who is known for his polite image. He has a past with the head of the Public Relations department and he wants to make changes in his personal life.


3. Touch Your Heart

Yoo In na plays Oh Jin Shim, a popular actress who has lost offers after a scandal. She has to clear her name and revive her career. When her role as a secretary in a new drama requires her to get work experience, she joins a law firm and meets a workaholic lawyer.


4. Record Of Youth

‘Record of Youth’ shows the lives of young actors. Both Park Bo Gum and Byeon Woo Seok play models turned actors. The drama explains how hard work and skills will eventually give us the success we deserve. It also shows the problems in the modeling industry.


5. Uncontrollably Fond

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin), had to quit law school and become an actor. Though his career was a surprise, he has gained popularity. After many years he meets his first love and agrees to do a documentary. But there is a big barrier to their relationship which only Joon Young knows.


6. I Picked Up A Celebrity On The Street

Sung Hoon plays Kang Joon Hyuk, a hallyu star who is held as a hostage. But his kidnapper never planned to do all this and is actually innocent. Will she able to convine him to help her and hide the star from the media?


7. My Love From The Star

In ‘My Love from another Star,’ Jun Ji Hyun stars as Cheon Song Yi who has been in the entertainment industry since her school days. But her behaviour is often questioned by people. While she is facing challenges in her career she meets an alien, who lives as a professor.


8. Devilish Joy

Song Ha Yoon plays Joo Gi Bbeum, who has lost her popularity after a false charge. She meets a doctor who suffers from ‘Cinderella memory disorder.’ With constant competition from people around her, will she be able to save her career and relationship.


9. Find Me In Your Memory

This drama is about a man who remembers everything and a woman who does not remember her past. Moon Ga Young stars as Yeo Ha Jin, a famous actress and a model. She is known for her influence on people across the country. But she knows nothing about her past.


10. The Accidental Couple

It tells the story of Han Ji Soo (Kim Ah Joong), an actress who accidentally ends up in a relationship with a commoner. Ji Soo is dating a rich man but is not able to reveal his identity due to an accident.  Hence she asks a common man to pretend to be her boyfriend. The rest of the story is about how this ‘new’ relationship affects her career and personal life.