Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols With Whisker Dimples 

Apart from having breathtaking visuals and amazing voices, some K-pop idols are known for having unique and charming aspects that make them attractive to their audience. Whisker dimples are incredible. It gives a whole new aspect to the person, so listed are idols with whisker dimples that make them more attractive, and the audience wants to see them smile.

1. Jimin Of BTS

Park Jimin, or Jimin, born on 13th October 1995, is a member of the BTS. Jimin’s famous habit of falling from the chair while laughing has become a worldwide meme among K-pop and non-K-pop lovers. Jimin smile and his whisker dimples are to die for. As Jimin is also known for his dual on-stage and off-stage personality, the dimples are adorable and sometimes charming.

2. Joy Of Red Velvet

Park Soo-young, also known as Joy, is part of the group Red Velvet. Joy was born on 3rd September 1996. Joy is known for stunning visuals and vocals among the audience. Her visuals get more stand out when she smiles, and her whisker dimples make an appearance.

3. Kihyun Of Monsta X

Yoo Ki-hyun, also known as KiHyun, is part of the boy band MONSTA X, which debuted in 2015. He was born on 22nd November 1993. You don't even need to find Kihyun’s whisper dimples, as one sight of his smile will have the appearance of his dominant whisker dimples. He looks breathtaking while smiling, and you also want to smile.

4. Moonbyul Of Mamamoo

Moon Byul-yi, also known as MoonByul, is a member of the group MAMAMOO. She was born on 22nd December 1992. Moonbyul is an amazing rapper and singer who truly knows how to fill up the stage presence. Apart from her edged look, her smile with whisker simples is breathtaking and a unique feature added to her personality and visuals.

5. Moonsua Of Billie

Moon Sua, also known as Sua, is a member of the girl group Billie, which debuted in 2021. She was born on 9th September 1999. Moonsua is breathtaking as a visual, but her powerful rapping is also an amazing addition to her personality. Moonsua also comes in the category of idols having whisker dimples, and hers is beautiful, just like her personality.

6. Ryujin Of Itzy

Shin Ryu-jin, also known as RyuJin, is a part of the girl group ITZY,  a fourth generation group. She was born on 17th April 2001. Ryujin’s shoulder dance moves in the group song 'Wanna Be' with short blue hair is a viral moment in the K-pop. Since then, Ryujin has been known popularly as an iconic dancer of her group, and her whisker dimples on her pretty visual make it more attractive.

7. Lua Of Weki Meki

Kim Sookyung, also known as Lua, is a member of the girl group Weki Meki, which debuted in 2017. Lua was born on 6th October 2000. Lua is the perfect example of beauty inside and outside. She is an incredible singer, and fairy-like visuals are enhanced more with the addition of her dominant whisker dimples, which is a sight to adore.

8. Beomgyu Of TXT

Choi Beom-gyu, also known as Beomgyu, is a member of the boy band TOMORROW BY TOGETHER or TXT since their debut in 2019. He was born on 13th March 2001. Beomgyu is a mischievous and funny guy that the audience loves to adore. He has a breathtaking smile that becomes more vibrant when he and his whisker dimples make an appearance.

9. Hyunjin Of Stray Kids

Hwang Hyunjin, also known as Hyunjin, is an IT boy of the fourth generation K-pop boy groups. He was born on 20th March 2000. His stage presence hovered over K-pop lover life when he with his group Stray Kids debuted in 2018. Hyunjin has dominant visuals, but when he smiles, his light whisker dimples come up, which makes the whole room bright.

10. Yeonjung Of Wjsn

Yoo Yeon-Jung, or YeonJung, is a member of the girl group WJSN, which debuted in 2016. She was born on 3rd August 1999. Yeonjung’s whisker dimples are very dominant, and with every smile, the dimples make their appearance and steal many fans' hearts.