Article: Top 10 Most Talked About Chinese Divorces

1. Zanilia Zhao And William Feng

The famous Chinese duo Zanilia Zhao and William Feng first met in the Chinese drama 'A Husband and Wife.' They became close after starring in the film ‘The Monkey King 3’ in 2016. After rumors of the two-dating surfaced, on    16thOctober,2018, the couple officially announced the news of their marriage on Sina Weibo, and soon after, Zhao gave birth to a son. After two and half years of marriage, on 23 April, 2021, the couple mutually divorced. Their busy schedules grew them apart, and the couple chose to get separated.


2. Tong Liya And Chen Sicheng

The celebrated Chinese couple, Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng, announced their divorce on Chinese Valentine's Day on 20th May, 2021. They met while filming the drama 'Beijing Love Story', and on 16 January, 2014, the couple got married in Tahiti. Throughout their marriage, Chen has been accused of extramarital affairs. After the divorce announcement, hashtags 'Congratulations Tong Liya' trended for several hours on Weibo.


3. Yang Mi And Hawick Lau

Once known as the nation's cutest couple, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau announced their separation in 2018 after being together for four years. Their conflicting schedules eventually led to their split. From reel couple to real life ex-couple, they met at the sets of 'As you Wish' and confirmed their relationship in 2012.Their daughter Noemie Lau is being raise by Lau and his parents in Hong Kong.


4. Wang Baoqiang And Ma Rong

One of the most scandalous divorce news was of Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong. The famous mainland actor Wang Baoqiang married Ma Rong in 2010 and has two children. In August 2016, Wang Baoqing, in his Weibo account, stated the illicit affair between his wife Ma Rong and his agent, creating a stir in China and announced he would be divorcing Ma. Later,Ma Rong countered his statement with the abandonment of their family and sued him for defamation. Finally, in 2018, the couple called it quits on their marriage.


5. Zhou Xun And Archie Kao

Famous Chinese actress Zhou Xun and Chinese-American actor Archie Kao tied the knot in 2014. The couple was rarely spotted together in public from 2017. Speculations of divorce appeared when a picture of Kao and a woman kissing surfaced on social media. In December 2020, Zhou Xun and Archie announced their divorce news.


6. Ma Yili And Wen Zhang

The celebrity couple Ma Yili and Wen Zhang fell in love during the filming of the drama 'Struggle' and got hitched in 2008. In 2014, Wen have been caught having an affair with the actress Yao Di. When he publicly apologized, Ma Yili chose to forgive him. And in 2019, the bittersweet relation between Ma Yili and Wen Zhang ended, announcing their divorce and going their separate ways.


7. Faye Wong And Li Yapeng

The legendary singer, Faye Wong, known as the 'Diva of Asia', married the Chinese actor Li Yapeng in 2005. They were married for eight years and had a daughter in 1997. Netizens speculate that the split was because of massive losses in Yapeng's business, and others reported that the relation between Wong and her mother-in-law was alienated. Some think that the successful career Wong overshadows Li.


8. Cheng Lu And Siwen

Divorce news of China's famous tv show couple Cheng Lu and Siwen had surprised the public. Their busy schedules resulted in a broken marriage, and in July 2020, Cheng Lu announced their split, and Siwen confirmed the news. Cheng Lu stated that even if they are not life partners, they will remain good friends and have each other's back. Siwen then reposted that they were real brothers and their separation was amicable.


9. Pan Yueming And Dong Jie

Once the romantic coupling of China, Pan Yueming, and Dong Jie had undergone a bitter divorce in October 2012, with both the parties throwing accusations against each from gambling addiction, violent abuse to illicit affairs against each other. Pan and Dong were lovingly called the 'golden boy' and 'jade girl' by their fans. They got married in 2008 in a low-key wedding and was blessed with a son in 2009. After the divorce, Pan's career went downright fall facing, and he was called 'slag man.’Only after 2014, when the court ruled out the allegations against him, the public opinion on Pan decreased.


10. Li Caihua And Huang Yanshu

Li Caihua, popularly known as Rain Lee, a Hong Kong singer, and actor, tied the knot with the wealthy businessman Huang Yanshu in 2019. The fairy tale love story did not last long as the couple announced their divorce after a short period of the marriage of 19-months. They could not overcome the long-distance barrier and chose to separate.