Article: Top 10 Thai Movies About College Life

Here is the list of some interesting Thai movies that dealt with college life.

10. Love's Coming ( 2014 )

This movie is LGTB friendly, focusing on BL, where a group of friends suspects that two people in their friend circle are in love with each other. This story is based on friendship and love, and is very easy to comprehend as the plot has no big twists.

9. Last Summer ( 2013 )

This is a horror movie where an unfortunate incident happens and after that, a series of mysterious events take place. A student, Joy, dies and takes revenge on those involved with her death. Meen, Joy’s best friend, keeps an important secret about their friendship.

8. Friendship ( 2008 )

This film is set around 1972 and portrays Singha and Mituna's endless love for each other. The movie starts with the present; however, it goes back to the past of their high-school memories. The film brings to the audience the friendship is coupled with a good romance, along with few a elements of humor throughout the movie.

7. Yes Or No ( 2010 )

This movie is an LGBT dramedy romance, which exposes the struggles of Thai society, one which strictly sticks to the traditional values, including those related to sexuality. This drama brings to light the problems and pressures people face in a stereotypical society where they struggle to expose their own identity.

6. Seasons Change ( 2006 )

This movie revolves around Pom, a drummer, who enrolls in a musical school in order to meet his high-school crush, Dao, whom he had secretly admired for three years. But Pom’s life is not easy as his father opposes him from attending the music academy, and with that, his overprotective friend Aom becomes jealous whenever Pom is around Dao.

5.  Suckseed ( 2011 )

The film portrays a love triangle between Ped, Koong, and Ern. With Ped and Koong attracted to Ern, it is revealed that Ped had liked Ern ever since his childhood but was too shy to confess. Koong took the chance of confessing his love first. Ped’s patience throughout the movie is what moved the audience and kept them interested throughout the film.

4. Love Julinsee ( 2011 )

A cross-generational love story is portrayed in this movie. There are four teen romance stories which are centered around a big music festival. Breath-taking panoramas of Thailand from various regions are shown to the viewers. The movie has a constant string of comedy which keeps the audience entertained.

3. Bad Genius ( 2017 )

A high-school genius takes advantage of his abilities and helps other students cheat by developing elaborate methods. And that’s, of course, for a price. This movie brings out the viewer’s interest and anticipates emotions. It’s also an essential element of how social status influences people to do things.

2. Love Of Siam ( 2007 )

In this movie, a young man spots his dead sister's lookalike and hires her to impersonate his sibling. This movie is also LGBT as Mew and Tong, childhood best friends who get separated due to one of their sister’s dissappearance, run into each other a few years later and discover their unexpected feelings for eachother. Their romance is difficult as Tong’s mother neglects his feelings for Mew.

1. First Love ( 2010 )

Nam finds herself in love with her senior, Shone, and she is willing to change herself to look more beautiful to have a chance with him. She became the school’s star, but things get complicated when Shone's friend also falls in love with her and when Shone departs for Bangkok after graduating. Nam and Shone eventually meet each other at the TV show a few years later.