Article: Top 10 Shoujo Anime That Deserved A Second Season

We all love some excellent shoujo anime, but not all get the opportunity to get a second season. There is a running gag that the greater the shoujo anime, the more likely it is to have another season. While there are some exceptions to this case, who gets renewed for a new season? These are some of the most loved anime fans love but didn’t get a second season.

1. Yuri On Ice

It is a Japanese anime series on sports skating. This series captivated the fans with its stunning visuals, passion for skating, beautiful music, and the romance between Viktor and Yuri. Even though season 1 ended well, fans wanted more of their love story. There was a movie prequel announced in 2017, called Ice Adolescence, but due to low profitability the franchise suggests it may be canceled.

2. Say I Love You

Say I Love You showcases the famous trope of a shy girl and a popular boy, executing the story of perfection. Even though it has a cliche storyline, the show portrays high school relationships and first love quite well, which viewers find quite relatable. Yamato’s and Mei's relationship is pretty heartwarming. As the manga had 18 volumes, the viewers expected a second season, where their story proceeded after high school.

3. Yona Of The Dawn

Yona of Dawn showcased many top-class buildings, premises, characters, and notable attention to all details. The story of Yona is filled with betrayal and finding strength due to her tragedy. This strength didn't come easy to her. Yona has to undergo many hardships while finding the dragons, which changes her to be the person she becomes at the end. The series still has to show various conflicts, mainly Yona's face with her father's murder, Su-won, her past lover etc.

4. My Little Monster

My Little Monster has a simple yet charming storyline between the school's delinquent and a nerdy girl. Shizuku and Haru’s story isn’t that simple but filled with denial, conflict and many changes. Haru helps Shizuka come out of her comfort zone while she helps cure his violent side and keeps on being her safe zone. The end still leaves many loose threads, mainly the love triangle between Yamaguchi.

5. Maid Sama

Maid Sama was immensely loved by their fans, but the series indeed ended on a very mediocre note. Usui and Misaki end up together, but the anime doesn’t do quite justice to their story. The story ends with little character development, where Misaki is seen to be in denial of her feelings. The second season showcase Usui’s background story while also showcasing Misaki’s growth.

6. Lovely Complex

All fans can agree that Lovely Complex left us all dying for Otani and Risa's chemistry. Like other anime, this anime seemed quite ordinary but gradually started to wiggle its way toward its viewers' hearts as the romance started to begin. The anime does end on a good note between them, as well as various subplots. It is the perfect mixture of romance, comedy, and slice of life, but the fans are still waiting for a second season.

7. Skip Beat

Skip Beat has a very indescribable charm, which leaves all their viewers to root for Kyoko as she makes her entrance into the entertainment industry. Even though Kyoko’s story starts with revenge, it soon starts turning into a self-discovery journey with just the right amount of romance. The series however ended even before Ren and Kyoko's relationship could bloom while also leaving many subplots unresolved.

8. My Love Story!

It isn’t uncommon for anime to have a love triangle, and Love Story is one of those typical love stories. The story reinvents this concept into something entertaining, wholesome, and refreshing. The series follows a very complicated relationship dynamic, which proves that it is pretty different from other typical high school romances. The anime skips out on many relationship developments and also the challenges the couple goes through due to a long-distance relationship.

9. Blue Spring Ride

Blue Spring Ride is a brilliant anime showcasing childhood love and still has so much in store. The story ended with a cliffhanger and no amount of other live-action adaptations could quell the fans. The ending is certainly only the beginning of their story, where Kou finally starts to open up to Futaba and all his friends, making them understand him better.

10. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is one of the best-executed harems in shout-out history. It’s difficult not to fall in love with this anime being charming, having excellent comedy, lovable characters, and a romantic art style. The story is about Haruhi Fujioka, who joins the club, feeling that she feels safe and belongs there. Even though the account doesn’t entirely follow the romance aspect, it does have quite a few romantic moments. A second season can give viewers the ending they want, also confirming who Haruhi ends up with.