Article: Top 10 Davika Hoorne Dramas And Films To Watch

Davika Hoorne, known as Mai, is a Thai model, actress, and singer, born to a Thai mother and Belgian father. At the age of ten, her parents divorced, and since then, she was raised by her mother. In 2010, she started her career in modeling before making her debut in acting in the drama Ngao Kammathep. She rose to fame with the movie Heart Attack. She was also the lead in the famous film Pee Mak. She is called the Queen of Presenters, the cult favorite of many stylists, makeup artists, local and international brands, and magazines. Davika has been in a relationship with Chantavit Dhanasevi, an actor, since 2018.

1. Astrophile

Astrophile is a romantic series released in 2022, starring Jumpol Adulkittiporn, Davika Hoorne, and Vachirawit Chivaaree. Nubdao hosts Wish You Were Home, a home shopping program. She is a hard worker and a strong person, but she feels she doesn’t have her life together yet. She is not making enough money and also faces sexual harassment at her job. She reencounters her junior from university, Kimhan, who she doesn’t seem to recognize. These two get closer when they begin to work on marketing for her show.

2. Wanthong

Wan Thong is a beautiful woman who rises to fight for dignity. She becomes involved in a love triangle between two men. The people brought her to trial as they condemned her as she was in a love triangle and wasn’t able to choose who she wanted her husband to be. One is a guy she loves, but he isn’t a one-girl kind of guy, and the other one is someone who only loves her but treats her like an object. In the end, who will she choose?

3. Nang Sao Mai Jam Kad Nam Sakul

Nang Sao Mai Jam Kad Nam Sakul, also known as A Waiting Bride, is a rom-com drama released in 2018. Rima is a woman who is always unlucky in love. She, after having three failed relationships, decides that marriage and love are bogus. One drunken night, she mistakenly goes to Ongsa's apartment, which is her new neighbor. Ongsa is her childhood classmate, whom she used to tease, but now he is a good-looking-looking established chef. The next day, she collapsed during a meeting due to Chocolate Cyst, and there are two options now. First is to have surgery but it might return or to have a baby. So now she is on a journey to find herself a husband.

4. Suddenly Twenty

Suddenly Twenty is a musical film released in 2016 by Araya Suriharn, starring JJ Krissanapoom, Neeranuch Pattamasoot, and Davika Hoorne. Park is a stubborn older woman who is in her 70s, who likes to brag about her son who is a professor. One day, she learns that he is planning to send her to a nursing home. She is in shock and disappointment while roaming the street, gets drawn to a light, and walks into Chaya Lumruek, a photo studio. She takes her portrait for the first time, but when she leaves, she is shocked to see herself as a 20-year-old. She sees this as a second chance in life.

5. Plerng Naree

Plerng Naree is an action romance drama released in 2016, starring Tik Jesdaporn Pholdee and Davika Hoorne. Risa, being the illegitimate daughter of Kanin Buraphakiet, gets forced by her mother to flee to Trigis with her. Her mother marries King Ra-II, in Trigis and she becomes the princess. After seeing her mother suffering due to the actions of her father's family, Risa decides to return to seek justice. She disguises herself as an employee at Buraphakiet, where she meets Theephob, who is suspicious of her.

6. Pee Mak

Pee Mak is a horror-comedy film released in 2013 by Banjong Pisanthanakun. Mak is forced to go to war and leave his pregnant wife, Nak, all alone. During the war, he meets Ter, Shin, Puak, and Aey, his fellow warriors, who become his best friends. During this period, his wife is struggling to give birth. As the war ends, he invites his friends to visit Phra Khanong to meet his wife. There is a rumor flying around the town that Nak is a host. The villagers and his friends are trying to tell him that his wife is dead.

7. You Are My Heartbeat

You Are My Heartbeat, also known as Jangwa Hua Jai Nai Sat, is a romance drama released in 2022, starring Jackie Jackrin, Push Puttichai, and Mai Davika. Sira is a hardworking businessman who hates lies and dirt but deals with a tricky designer, Keetika. Keetika doesn’t have a good relationship with Parin, her mother because she left her father for the owner of a large textile company Papop. This makes her have constant run-ins with Papop’s daughter, Chanaratee. As a child, Sira was adopted by Premyuda. He works hard to get Sasa, a troublemaker, on track. He asks her to work with Sasa so that he can come to work.

8. My Ambulance

My Ambulance is a drama released in 2019. Peng, an emergency mom worker, and Tantawan have been in love for 15 years. They possess a magical power that makes Peng go to her whenever she calls him. They get into a traffic accident one day, and Tantawan gets injured, losing her memory of the accident. Chalarm, a young intern, appears in her life and reminds her of the same feelings she has for Peng. Her bond with Peng has started to weaken and Chalarm has begun, to have this power, which confuses her about who is the one. During this time, Peng meets Bamee, who has a crush on him, and who has come to work as an ambulance driver at the hospital.

9. Buang Banjathorn

Buang Banjathorn, also known as Love Beyond Time, is a historical drama released in 2017, starring Mario Maurer and Davika Hoorne. Praenuan is disappointed and heartbroken in love and decides to visit the estate her late father has left for her in his will. There, she finds an enchanted bed that transports her back in time. There, she meets Laoperng, who she eventually falls for. There was trouble when her estranged husband, who had cheated on her, wanted to reconcile with her.

10. Heart Attack

Heart Attack is a rom-com released in 2015, starring Sunny Suwanmethanon, Violette Wautier, Davika Hoorne, and Torpong Chantabubph. The story is about Yoon, a 30-year-old workaholic freelancer who falls in love with his doctor. When she was in progress, he suffered from a heart attack but couldn’t find a way to tell her about his love for her.