Article: Top 10 Popular Love After Marriage Thai Dramas

Some couples fall deeply in love and decide to get married & others unintentionally do so for many reasons, including receiving an inheritance, giving in to parental pressure, settling debt, or maintaining one's appearance. Here is a list of the Top 10 Popular Love after Marriage Thai Dramas

1. My Husband In Law

The intelligent and gifted Muey has been living with her longtime crush. Muey never expresses anger & retaliates against him when she gets mistreated. He got made to wed Muey to get rid of a prominent man's wife.

2. Padiwaradda

To show her appreciation, Rin Rapee consents to act as Saran's adoptive father's daughter to marry him. Their relationship gets out to the test, and he feels guilty because of the secret she is holding from him.

3. Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang

Because Pawee, a Hi-So businessman, looked down on Nit, a news reporter, she consented to marry him because she saw it as an opportunity to exact revenge. However, Pawee already has Pen, who adores him dearly. Pawee's mother pushes Pawee to wed Nit because she despises Pen at first sight.

4. Talay Prae

Tadd is a lovely and modest young lady. After completing her schooling, she gets presented with a marriage proposal by a wealthy family friend of her mother. However, it soon becomes apparent that she has serious concerns about her prospective spouse is acting. She doesn't comprehend that her spouse hasn't changed since the wedding, and she is bound to a life of loneliness, neglect, and scandal.

5. Jao Sao Chang Yon

Meena is a gifted auto mechanic and a stubborn young woman. Phuphat is the heir to a business that manufactures automotive components. In the hopes that she may be able to mend the wounds in his heart from the past and revive his interest in life, his father arranges for Phuphat and Meena's marriage. Everything appears to be going smoothly until Phuphat's younger brother starts showing interest in Meena & his ex shows up out of nowhere.

6. Mia Jum Pen

Tawan resides with her aunt-in-law Yuanjai and her servant daughter Yadfa. Her uncle Yhod once promised his friend Trong that he would set up a union for their offspring. Yadfa declines it because she believes that Tomorn, Trong's son, is a simpleton and a poor man who got seen by Bunlaeng. They only spend Yuanjai's money; they don't make any money. One day, Tawan asks Yuanjai for permission to marry Tomorn as Yadfa after he offers his hand to pay off a debt for her. She is constantly bullied at Tomorn's home by his mother, his sister's nanny Gingkaew, and his buddy Sopit, who has a crush on him.

7. Mia Taeng

Kongkai's mother coerces him into marrying Arunprapai because she wants him to settle down. Despite their lack of a romantic relationship, Arunprapai consents to wed Kongkai to dispel rumors that her ex-boyfriend Phuchong committed adultery by sexually assaulting another lady. Unfortunately, Kongkai and Arunprapai's marriage gets bad since Prungchat, Kongkai's previous girlfriend wants him back.

8. Roy Marn

The day before the wedding, a man who had loved Bee's cousin for years abducted her. Bee's cousin was supposed to marry Mark. Everything changes after he molests her and leads her to become pregnant. Because it was a marriage to pay off a debt, the young Bee had to replace her cousin. Her uncle owed Mark and his dad money. He will utilize his niece as he is unable to exploit his daughter.

9. Samee

Rasika, a proud girl, is upset that her mother is getting married to Jao Sua, a Chinese-Thai businessman she holds accountable for her father's passing to prevent the sale of their property owing to debt. Jao Sua gets compelled to marry the girl to his son Rab because the girl's uncle wants the money directly from Rasika and is willing to kill her to get the palace.

10. Dung Sawan Sarb

Dawan, the only child of a wealthy businessman, is spoilt. She is a well-known playgirl who enjoys going out with various men. Her father creates a conditional will before passing away. Karn, the son of Dawan's best friend, must get married. If not, she won't receive any inheritance. After the incident, she experiences memory loss. Dawan matures into a sweet young lady. Due to her deplorable past, most people despise her and attempt to exploit her.