Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Popular In Social Media

Nowadays, every other person is active in social media in some way possible. As for idols and celebrities, it is no different. Be it for the promotion of their works or just for amusement, there are quite a few celebrities quite famous on social media, and here is a list of them.

1. Kim Namjoon

Namjoon is a lover of art and nature. So, when he got the platform to share this interest with his precious fans – ARMY, he grabbed it right away. His social media posts are all about his visits to different museums or songs he heard. It is soothing and lovely to see him share his passion with fans and give us a sneak peek at his lifestyle.


2. Kim Taehyung

He had to be popular, considering he officially got voted as the most handsome man in Asia and how he loves to post his different photos from photoshoots. Not to forget how he loves to tease fans by posting pictures of himself shirtless nowadays, driving ARMYs crazy.


3. Park Jimin

Although he does not generally use social media as much, he is one of the most popular, having the highest number of hashtags about himself. Whenever he appears, he wins the hearts of fans with his sweet, and loving messages and reminders to his dearest fans and even more adorable pictures.


4. Kim Seokjin

Being one of the funniest kpop idols and called “World Wide Handsome”, how could one expect him not to be widespread on social media? People love his hilarious posts and his sense of humor. No one can compare to the funny and sarcastic comments that he provides the fans and it is just heart-melting how much he cares for ARMYs, and it shows in his posts.


5. Cha Eunwoo

Eunwoo has become one of the most handsome Korean celebrities today. People love to see his activity behind the sets of the dramas he works on and gaze at his beautiful self whenever he posts. His charm worked on plenty of fans, making him popular on social media.


6. Lisa Manoban

Being a famous Blackpink member, she had to be popular on social media. The regular posts of her modeling photoshoots and her adorable interactions with fans and other celebrities always keep Lisa trending now and then.


7. Kim Jennie

Jennie is also a well-known celebrity whose every post has the power to attract a mass towards it. She is doing so many activities that people cannot get enough break from, making her ever popular on her social media handles.


8. Ji Changwook

Changwook attained popularity from his famous swoon-worthy dramas, making him one of the most desired Korean actors ever. His dramas are so exciting, and fans love them so much that they cannot help but keep following him, making him famous on social media.


9. IU

We all knew she, in no way or form, could be forgotten. She is so popular all-around on social media that she single-handedly can hold the prize of being one of the most talented and famous female Korean celebrities ever. Owing to her fantastic acting in the dramas and her lovely singing, her popularity is hard to chase.


10. Lee Minho

One of the most popular Korean actors ever, hands down. His social media followers love it whenever he posts anything about his activities. Being so popular, it was inevitable that he would be one of the most popular actors on social media.