Article: Top 10 Best Boy Love Thai Dramas To Watch

Boys Love dramas have grown in popularity recently, but that does not mean that they have had an easy time finding audiences. In recent years, the number of Boys Love programs has substantially expanded. This distinct drama genre features romances between male protagonists. Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Boy Love Thai Dramas to Watch.

1. Tharn Type

Because of being abused by a man when he was younger, a charming freshman in college suffers homophobia. His world gets upended when he meets Tharn, his openly gay roommate.

2. Until We Meet Again

After years of abuse and constant pressure from their fathers, Korn finally gives up and kills himself on the day of his lover's birthday and Intouch not long after. Pharm, a college freshman, and Dean cross paths at school thirty years later and discover they have a particular connection.

3. 2gether

While Sarawat is one of the most well-liked men in school and a member of the soccer and music clubs, Tine is an attractive student and cheerleader in college. After being pursued by Green, for whom he has no feelings, Tine begs Sarawat to pretend to be interested in him to get rid of Green. Just like the proverb says, pretend begins in some mysterious way. Before a "happily ever after," there is the process of falling in love and the gradual awareness that they are no longer acting.

4. Why R U?

The fighter is the emotional type, while Tutor is supposed to be "smart" above his years and behave rationally. They first had some hatred for one another, but soon after, they grew close. His writing gets halted, though, when his parents chastise him for not learning enough. Later, when his friends advise him to take ideas from his sister, he discovers that both his name and the name of his adversary, Saifah, are utilized in her fiction.

5. Theory Of Love

Along with his closest buddies Two, Bone, and Khai, Third is a filmology major and a member of the Savage Team, but he is hiding something. For years, Third has been secretly in love with Khai. After suffering through three years of heartbreaking unrequited love, Third makes the difficult decision to cease. However, Khai decides to begin when the Third quit.

6. He's Coming To Me

Mes dies and turns into a ghost, unable to reincarnate. He is miserable until he encounters an unusual youngster who can see him. As time goes on, a connection forms between the two, and their friendship grows over time.

7. Love By Chance

Pete is a charming and wealthy university student who is remarkably shy. He attempts to disguise the fact that he is secretly gay. Over time, Ae looks after Pete and shields him from the outside world. Ae Intouch starts to feel different from how a friend would, though, midway between the overwhelming proximity and gentle touches.

8. Dark Blue Kiss

The story of Kao, Pete, Sun, and Mork from the Kiss Me Again series continued here. Although Kao and Pete's friendship has gotten stronger, they still keep it a secret from most people. Kao keeps his relationship with his mother secret because of the concern that she may find out. Sun has started to end his unrequited love for Kao. Sun urges Rain to keep away from Mork, but the younger man's erratic conduct pulls Rain.

9. My Engineer

The prominent engineering student Bohn and the innocent first-year medical student Duen slowly fall for one another after Duen has to purchase roses for Bohn every day for a month. The program emphasizes different aspects of each marriage and how each couple interacts with friends and potential partners.

10. End Of Love

A love tale begins one night in a bar between Mark, an engineering major carrying the weight of his one-sided love, and Bar Sarawut, the boy he runs into and misidentifies as the subject of his devotion.