Article: Top 10 Thai Actors Who Are Creative

The list of national winners of the 'Asian Academy Creative Awards' includes Thai performers and dramas. Through acting, singing, and diverse acts, they demonstrated their creativity.

1. Earth Pirapat

Earth Pirapat's "A Tale of Thousand Stars" received Best Theme Song or Title Theme. This tune demonstrated his inventiveness. He is well recognised for his leading performances in Water Boyy: The Series and Kiss Me Again as Waii and So, respectively. His star rose even further after starred as Chief Phupha in the popular television series A Tale of Thousand Stars alongside Sahaphap Wongratch.


2. Mix Sahaphap

Mix Sahaphap's "A Tale of Thousand Stars" received Best Theme Song or Title Theme. He is most known for playing Tian in GMMTV's A Tale of Thousand Stars and Muang Nan in Fish Upon the Sky.


3. Kan Kantathavorn 

With his work in 'Voice in the Rain,' Kan Kantathavorn received 'Best Actor in a Supporting Role.' He put up a fantastic and inventive performance. Kan Kantathavorn, better known by Fluke, is a Thai actor, model, and television personality.


5. Cherreen Nutjaree

Cherreen Nutjaree, the younger sister of 2PM's Nichkhun, received Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her work in 'Voice in the Rain,' which showcased her creative abilities. Cherreen Nutjaree was born on October 20, 1994, in Bangkok, Thailand, and made her acting debut in 2014.


5. Nanon Korapat 

For his portrayal in 'The Gifted Graduation,' Nanon Korapat is on the list of national winners for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He earned an Asian award for his innovative performance. His most famous roles are Senior Secret Love and My Dear Lose.


6. Kitty Chicha 

Kitty Chicha received Best Actress in a Leading Role for her outstanding performance in "Girl From Nowhere: Season 2." In this, she demonstrated her exceptional and inventive arrangements.  She was a previous member of the Kamikaze Records girl group Kiss Me Five.


7. Boy Pakorn 

Boy Pakorn and Gina Yeena's "Barb Ayuttitham" received Best Adaptation of an Existing Format. In this version, he demonstrated his versatility as an actor. Pakorn Chatborirak, often known as Boy, is a Thai model, actor, and pharmacist who works for Channel 3.


8. Nadech Kugimiya 

Nadech Kugimiya received Best Comedy Role for his performance in To Me, It's Simply You. He got an award for his comic acting, which demonstrated his originality. His most famous roles were Duang Jai Akkanee and Game Rai Game Rak.


9. Louis Scott 

Piphob Himmapan, starring Louis Scott and Yam Matira, received Best Visual or Special FX in a TV Series or Feature Film. This film demonstrated originality with its aesthetics and special effects. Louis Scott is a Thai racer, singer, actor, and TV personality. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 4, 1982, and is Thai-Scot.


10. August Vachiravit

"Mae Krua Kon Mai," starring August Vachiravit, won Best Comedy Program, demonstrating their ingenuity in their great performance. He is most known in Thailand as Pete in the Thai BL drama Love Sick: The Series, which catapulted him to stardom.